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Hail the King Chapter 860.1

Chapter 860: Forbidden Topic – King of Chambord (Part One)

-Imperial Military Headquarters-

The nose-piercing smell of blood permeated the air as if the building were absolutely soaked in thick blood. Even though the nightly wind blew through, it couldn’t get rid of it.

The Imperial Military Headquarters was turned into a terrifying slaughterhouse. At least half of the top-tier officials were turned into corpses under the sabers of the ordinary soldiers. Except for them, some military clerks, nobles, and warriors were also executed. The metal sabers of the soldiers of [Iron Blood Legion] even curled and got cracks in them.

The black human heads piled into a mountain in the center of the meeting room, and the blood formed streams like the ones on the street after a massive storm, and it flowed through the stone tiles and stairs that were full of moss. Since it was cold at night, the heat in the blood created clouds of vapor, seeming to be trying to leave one last trace of itself in this cold and cruel world.

The soldiers of [Iron Blood Legion] stood straight with grave expressions, and their weapons were all drawn.

Elder Prince Arshavin seemed distracted. As if he were thinking hard and trying to make a critical decision, he rested his head on his palm, and he looked down on the floor silently like a statue.

This silence made the atmosphere in the meeting room suppressive and anxious.

Those top-tier officials of the Imperial Military Headquarters and nobles who survived this slaughter felt like they were having nightmares, and it had no sign of ending. As if the air had all turned into liquid, the others in the room felt like they were suffocating. They were afraid that the Elder Prince, who was sitting at the head of the table, was going to wave his hand and give another execution order.


A sharp signal flame dashed into the sky, and the air-piercing noises disrupted the deadly silence in the building.

Elder Prince Arshavin finally woke up from the long silence, and a sense of pity flashed in his eyes as he looked up at the mountain of human heads in the center of the room.

Then, he waved his hand impatiently, and the soldiers of [Iron Blood Legion] bowed and started to clean up as the nobles stared at them in fear. They began to clean the blood on the ground, and the heads were also taken out one after another.

“Guys, you can go back now.” Arshavin stood up and said to the nobles in his deep voice.

“Ah?” someone gasped and cried desperately, “No! Elder Prince Your Highness, please don’t kill me! I don’t know anything! My loyalty to the Royal Family…”

Instantly, almost everyone in the meeting room kneeled and begged for mercy.

“Guys, you are all loyal officials of Zenit. At the most critical moment in Zenit’s history, you chose to stand with the Royal Family and the citizens. I’m glad that you passed the test, and I’m proud of you. Choosing wrong will result in bloodshed, and choosing correctly will bring you honor. Let the stars in the sky be the witness of the promise that the Royal Family is going to fulfill! You guys have demonstrated your loyalty, and you will receive flowers and cheese!” the Elder Prince said loudly, “This incident is over! Guys, please go back now!”

After hearing the explanation, these people in the room finally stood up in fear and walked out of the building with shaky legs after expressing their gratitude.

When they got on the street, they saw fully-armed soldiers everywhere. It was clear that these soldiers had been through fierce battles as their armor was stained by blood, and their weapons reflected chilling light. A lot of noble estates that were usually quiet and peaceful were burning in flames, and loud shouts sounded from within.

It seemed like the entire St. Petersburg was drowned in blood, making people confused and stunned.

Now, these nobles suddenly realized that the scope of tonight’s incident had far exceeded their wildest estimations.

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  1. Vash the Stampede

    Flowers and cheese? What a weird reward

    • MagicMan

      Thinking the same. Who goes “I wasn’t murdered? Yay flowers and cheese!”

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