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Hail the King Chapter 860.2

Chapter 860: Forbidden Topic – King of Chambord (Part Two)

They instantly looked at each other in their eyes, and they saw the shock and the feeling of good fortune.

As the nightly breeze blew by, no one dared to speak. They all headed to their estates with staggering steps.

No one had expected that the punishment toward the King of Chambord which was almost set in stone suddenly would turn into this at the last moment. The King of Chambord didn’t even appear, and the dominant forces in Zenit who opposed him were shattered and destroyed quickly.

King Alexander of Chambord was becoming a forbidden topic. He was someone who shouldn’t be messed with or calculated against. Otherwise, you should dig your own grave ahead of time.

In this night of bleeding, the other relatively quiet place except for the poor neighborhood was the hotel district.

Those envoys of the 22 empires in the Northern Region of Azeroth hid in their rooms and didn’t dare to come out as if they were mice who noticed that a godly dragon was passing by.

In the night before, two strongmen who self-claimed to be subordinates of the King of Chambord barged into the district and broke the legs of the arrogant head envoy of Anji and killed any envoys who dared to insult the King of Chambord. Then, they beat every single envoy from these empires in a dominating fashion until their faces all swelled.

These envoys who chanted that they were going to kill the King of Chambord earlier were terrified. They were like a flock of sheep, and those two strongmen were like two fierce tigers. Killing seemed as easy as pulling out weed on a field to them, and they beat everyone up without fearing any possible retaliation.

Since yesterday, these arrogant envoys had to endure the embarrassment and hide in their rooms while gritting their teeth that weren’t beaten off. They were all waiting for the arrival of the group of masters led by D’Alessandro, and they couldn’t wait to humiliate every Zenitian and torture and kill the King of Chambord. Also, they were determined to ‘thank’ those two damn strongmen who had black hair and white hair. They were planning to skin them alive and carve out their flesh, turning them into complete skeletons!

“Hehe! Get more chaotic! It is better! The Zenitians are losing their minds and collapsing! When the sun rises in a few hours, this evil empire will be doomed! We will kill every single male Zenitian who is over the height of a wheel and enslave all the females!”

The envoys hid in their rooms and cursed viciously.

The night of bleeding was gradually wrapped up.

The ancient and majestic St. Petersburg soon fell back into silence.

Time was like a fast-current river, and it could only head in one direction.

As time quickly passed by, the night got darker and darker. Then, it gradually started to brighten up, and the visible shiny stars in the sky decreased in number drastically. When the bottom of the eastern sky showed a trace of white light, and few stars could be seen, orders were given out one after another urgently.

Fully-armed soldiers stood on and outside the defense wall of St. Petersburg, and there were so many of them that the defense wall and the area around it seemed packed.

These soldiers grasped onto their weapons tightly, and their expressions showed determination and perseverance without fear. The precious magic weapons that were rarely seen were all moved onto the defense wall, showing their fangs like ferocious beasts.

Also, hundreds of tall magic towers in the city continued to absorb and condense the magic elements in the area as weak energy flames burned around them. They were preparing powerful spells, waiting to be triggered.

Under the watchtower above the eastern city gate, the nobles who were dressed in precious magic armor looked at the distant sky anxiously.

The light coming from the eastern sky was getting brighter and brighter.

The moment that was going to determine the fate of Zenit was about to arrive.

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  2. Gin Hellscythe

    There is already a master shota Luffy, I wonder if there will also be a master loli in the future.
    Thanks for the chapter

  3. rosyprimrose29

    Why is it that in these novels women are always raped and oppressed to show how “manly” and strong these supposed invaders are? Can’t they do something more original? Is it that most men are rapists by nature or is it an Asian thing? (hey I’m not being racist here I just want to understand to understand these cultivation novels.) This is my pet peeve with most of these novels

    • tbh this was a common thing to happen years ago, indeed it is terrible all forces around the world used to do this when invading other countries, a sad thing really and there are still some places it happens in undeveloped countries, reading a lot of Chinese novels u might notice that they really hate Japanese people and this is to do with ww2 when Japan was invading China they raped their women and slaughtered their way through it, luckily we, well in a lot of the modern world this does not happen, and if it does its a rare thing. we are lucky to be living in a time where women and men are treated equally to a certain extent eg women working and getting paid the same as men (not going into the problem where “feminists of America say they don’t get paid equally, they do, otherwise companies would be using mostly women for everything to save money and there are other problems with the wage gap s--t that they spout eg amount of hours work differed between gender eg men work more hours in general than women” but as I was saying we are really lucky to be living in safe countries where we can mostly live in peace, but no matter the time or place there are always bad people in the world.

      • And also this is set in a medieval time when raping and robbing defeated enemies was the most common thing…soldiers probably rare got paid fairly and so to get as much as they can they robbed and the more disgusting ones raped

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