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Hail the King Chapter 861.1

Chapter 861: Who Could Turn the Tide? (Part One)

Elder Prince Arshavin, Elder Princess Tanasha, [Demonic Woman] Paris, [Red beard] Granello, the Legion Commanders of the ten main battle legions, the Legion Commanders of the 20 new battle legions, the level 1 and level 2 nobles who survived last night’s operation, the essential members of the Royal Family, the top-tier officials, the six Executive Knights of the Imperial Knight Palace who survived through all the turbulence, Executive Knight Captain Akinfeev, the masters of [Iron Blood Legion], the masters of the Imperial Patrol…

All the influential figures of Zenit appeared on the defense wall.

The atmosphere was anxious and unsteady.

At this moment, everyone’s heart was beating fast.

As that red sun slowly appeared and rose above the horizon, waves of terrifying energy surges appeared from afar. As if it were condemnation from heaven, it seemed like even the sky was about to collapse while this group of people got close to St. Petersburg.

The terrifying pressure was indescribable, and it seemed like the defense wall of this great city was going to be shattered without getting attacked.

Wherever this group of people went, the land cracked, the plants on the ground withered, the rivers howled and changed directions, and the light bent.

Finally, the Continental Martial Saint’s No.2 Disciple D’Alessandro arrived with the 20 Moon-Class Elites. These people didn’t hide their hostility and desire for destruction, and they were aggressive.

As the sun rose, the crisis appeared.

In the face of the terrifying power which seemed to be able to bend the sky, everyone on the defense wall felt like giant mountains were crashing down on their backs. As if tens of thousands of kilograms of force was pressing down on them, they almost couldn’t stand anymore. If this lasted any longer, they were all going to fall to the ground on all fours, submitting to D’Alessandro’s arrogance.

Those 21 god-like and demon-like figures slowly stopped about 1,000 kilometers away from the defense wall of St. Petersburg, and they remained in the sky.

Among them, one person stood out. Even though his figure wasn’t as burly as others, his aura was as grand as a holy mountain, making others feel like he was invincible. His head was a lot bigger than others’, to the degree where it was a little funny. But when he opened his eyes, two beams of godly light shot out and pierced through space, shining on the ground. Wherever he looked, the land split open, the defense wall collapsed, and a few Five-Star Warriors shattered like dry mud dolls and soon turned into clouds of dust.

It was terrifying!

To ordinary people, this man’s power was no different from the gods.

“Is he the No.2 Disciple of the Continental Martial Saint?” Zenitians thought to themselves; they had never seen anything this terrifying.

After witnessing this scene which only existed in legends for them, Zenitians were all stunned. It didn’t matter if they were nobles or soldiers, ordinary people or cultivation masters; they all felt weak and powerless.

“Hahahaha! It seems like you have made your decision! This sure is disappointing, Poor mice, do you really think that you can defeat a disciple of the Continental Martial Saint?” D’Alessandro’s voice resonated in the sky like a rumble of thunder, and the giant crack in the defense wall seemed to grow bigger.

“A little level 1 empire dares to resist me for a dirty mouse-like traitor of humans? Today, you have put an end to your own fate!”

As the booming voice sounded, sound waves dashed forward rapidly. The armor on the soldiers who were in the very front turned into sand grains, and rows of soldiers turned into clouds of blood mist.

D’Alessandro’s power wasn’t something that ordinary soldiers could defend against!

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  1. Tory

    I know i cant be the only one who always thinks moon and sun class warriors are super tall ?the author always make them seem taller than they are to me??‍♂️

  2. Netzach

    hum, there is a mistake : 1000 kilometers? And he can shot at this distance while pressuring everyone with his aura? Wouldn’t be 1000 meters?

    • Aragalf27

      Practically all of the descriptions of size since after the first 1-200 chapters have been ridiculous. Don’t take any of it seriously.

  3. Thousand Vangs

    and fei stood behind the scene giggling. waiting till more soldiers killed before showing himself in the grandest fashion

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