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Hail the King Chapter 862.1

Chapter 862: Where Did These Moon-Class Elites Come From? (Part One)

“How can dying candlelight compete with the clear moon in the sky in terms of brightness?”

About 500 meters away in the sky, the 20 Moon-Class Elites surrounded D’Alessandro in the middle like the stars around the moon. They sensed the desperation of Zenitians, and they felt great as they were dominating over them. Level 8 Top-Tier New Moon Elite Dallas said to D’Alessandro arrogantly, “These Zenitians are seeking death! Sir, you don’t need to do anything. Servants like us will handle this for you!”

“That is good. Since these poor mice made such a decision, let them slowly taste desperation.” With cruel and vicious light flashing in his eyes, D’Alessandro said slowly, “Kill half of the mice on the defense wall first. Then, pile their heads into a mountain! I will stain the sun and the sky with blood!”

As soon as he finished speaking, six Moon-Class Elites dashed forward like lightning bolts.

St. Petersburg’s magic protective sphere, [Goddess of Earth’s Protection], was used to block the magic attacks of the enemies, and it did not affect physical attacks, so it wasn’t able to block the Moon-Class Elites.

In just a second, the six Moon-Class Elites already got close to the southern city gate; they were about ten meters away.

“Hahaha! You offended Mr. D’Alessandro! You savages of the north deserve to be slaughtered!”

“You still have time to regret your decision and go back to make amendments. If your emperor crawls out of the Royal Palace and begs for mercy while kneeling in front of the city gate, we will leave a trace of the bloodline of your Zenit Empire!”

“Why are you talking to them? Mr. D’Alessandro already said that half of them need to be killed. I say that we should start with these nobles and warriors who are above Five-Star!”

“Hahaha! Don’t rush it! We need to enjoy this dominating feeling! We will let these poor mice truly experience the fear of death and regret their decisions! Hahaha!”

The Moon-Class Elites laughed arrogantly and got close.

According to the information that they got, most of the Moon-Class Elites of Zenit had died during the invasion of the Ten Empire United Troops. If the King of Chambord didn’t come out and save the situation, this empire might have already been conquered.

“Zenitians don’t have anyone powerful anymore! With the god-like D’Alessandro behind us, there is nothing to worry about!” they thought to themselves.

The nobles and soldiers on the defense wall had dry lips, and they were angry and felt powerless at the same time.

Now, all of them were looking at the watchtower, and there was Zenit’s God of War Arshavin who was dressed in his blackish-red armor, looking as if he were cast out of metal. Since Imperial Martial Saint Alexander who turned tide last time was nowhere to be seen, only this general who brought Zenit hundreds of victories could instill them with some hope and confidence.

No expressions and emotions could be seen on Arshavin’s face; he didn’t respond as if he were waiting for something.

Just as people were getting curious, two dashes of light shot over from the inner region of St. Petersburg, one from the east and one from the west. They stopped before the watchtower and stood in mid-air, showing that they were Moon-Class Elites. One of them was in golden armor with a golden lance in his hand, looking like the sun in the sky; he was Golden Sun Knight Chris Sutton. The other person was wearing a fancy robe and had a delicate golden wine jar in his hand. He was tall and thin, and he looked dashing with the fragrance of wine around him; he was Matt Razi, the No.1 Traveling Poet of Zenit who hadn’t been seen in a while.

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