Chapter 864: Battle! Gold Saints! (Part One)

The sickle of the Grim Reaper was already on these six powerful Zenitians’ necks. In the next moment, they were going to die.

Both Matt Razi and Chris Sutton’s expressions changed. They wanted to cuss and call D’Alessandro despicable, but they couldn’t speak. However, the four masters of Chambord seemed fearless and didn’t even try to defend these invisible sword energies; it appeared that they had trump cards.

In the next second, right before the six sword energies were about to dash into these six Zenitians’ bodies, six transparent energies appeared out of nowhere and shielded them. The 12 streaks of terrifying energies that ordinary people couldn’t sense battled each other, and the undercurrents collided and rushed out. Even though it looked like nothing was happening, the danger was great; a single mistake would turn the situation around.

After about ten seconds of intense and invisible battle, all the streaks of energies disappeared after canceling each other out.

The six masters sensed that the intense pain caused by D’Alessandro’s streaks of energies disappeared, and they sweated non-stop, almost collapsing on the spot. They all knew that they were dancing intimately with the Grim Reaper, and the danger wasn’t known to others.

“Who is this powerful master that helped us in secret?” Chris Sutton and Matt Razi felt lucky, and their hopes went up.

“If we have someone as powerful as D’Alessandro, Zenit might be able to pass through this crisis. After all, the six Moon-Class Elites that we killed are nothing in comparison to the grand scheme of things.”

-In the sky-

D’Alessandro’s pupils contracted again as he was shocked to his core.

“There is such a master hidden inside the Zenit Empire? This is impossible! There shouldn’t be a master who can rival me in the entire Northern Region of Azeroth! Before I left the mountain, Master told me that in this big world, only a few old monsters could battle me!” D’Alessandro thought to himself.

Then, he quickly suppressed his emotions and didn’t show anything on his face. He glanced through the defense wall and tried to find the person who helped those six Zenitians in secret, but it was a failure.

There wasn’t even a Moon-Class Elite on the defense wall of St. Petersburg, let alone a Sun-Class Lord who could pose some threat to him.

After thinking back to what just happened, he vaguely felt like that person was still weaker than him, and he calmed down.

“You, you, you… You six! Go and kill those six big mice for me…” D’Alessandro pointed at six Moon-Class Elites beside him. These six masters were stronger than those six Moon-Class Elites of Zenit, and one-versus-one battles shouldn’t be a problem for them.

However, he quickly changed his mind in the next moment, and he said while waving his hand, “You guys can all go together. We don’t need to honor the dueling rules for warriors when dealing with this bunch of ignorant mice!”

The 14 Moon-Class Elites were all waiting for him to say this.

“Since you, D’Alessandro, are the No.2 Disciple of the Continental Martial Saint, and you aren’t ashamed of bullying others as a group, we don’t care as well. After all, our lives are more important. We are here to rob treasures, not to risk our lives,” the foreign Moon-Class Elites thought to themselves.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

The 14 Moon-Class Elites dashed forward like hungry locusts.

“Shameless! Despicable!”

“Where is your honor and pride as warriors? Shameless! This is too shameless!”

On the defense wall, Zenitians from ordinary soldiers to high-level nobles all shouted when they saw this. The people on the Azeroth Continent respected masters and admired power; such an incident where the rules of duels weren’t honored was despised by many.

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