Chapter 865: Collapsed Moon-Class Elites (Part One)

“Lightning Speed Fist!”

This mysterious man who just joined the battles roared like a dominating lion and showed his fangs.

He punched out, and many small lightning bolts shot out of his fists, turning into many silver snakes and enveloping the battles that were happening. His punching speed was fast and on par with the speed of light, far quicker than the reaction speed of ordinary warriors.

As a series of screams sounded, a few Moon-Class Elites who came here with D’Alessandro were struck by punches that looked like beams of light and exploded in mid-air. Then, their blood, flesh, and bones fell from the sky.

Loud cheers sounded on the defense wall of St. Petersburg again.

Everyone was sure that this golden-lion-like master who seemed invincible was on Zenit’s side. Also, since this master’s golden armor also contained the similar mysterious power which was full of vicissitude just like those four masters of Chambord, it was clear that he was from Chambord as well.

“Frank Lampard, the former No.1 Master of Chambord?”

Standing before the watchtower, purple-dressed girl Ziene whispered to the Elder Princess. She was now a peak Seven-Star Warrior, and she could catch the split-second traces of attack in these high-level battles. It also meant that she could recognize the identity of this burly middle-aged man who just joined the fight.

The Elder Princess frowned slightly.

Elder Prince Arshavin also shivered a little after hearing her words even though his body didn’t move when facing powerful enemies like D’Alessandro.

Both Tanasha and Arshavin were the first two people from the noble circle of Zenit who saw Chambord in its original state. When they first met Frank Lampard, this former No.1 Master of Chambord was only a Three-Star Warrior who was as weak as a bug in their eyes. The so-called No.1 Warrior seemed like a joke to them since they were in different worlds.

Now, even ordinary soldiers who didn’t have any warrior energy could tell that Frank Lampard was profound and powerful. Even in the chaotic battles involving the Moon-Class Elites, he stood out and was insanely powerful. As the fang of the golden lion reflected a chilly light, no one could defend against his Lightning Speed Fist.

“His strength is probably close to the Sun-Class Realm, and he could probably advance if he makes one more breakthrough… This is terrifying. Such an elevation speed isn’t inferior to the King of Chambord himself!” Ziene sighed subconsciously; this was the instinct of a warrior.

She knew that this must be connected to the King of Chambord.

All the warriors following the King of Chambord were growing at insane speeds. People like Lampard and Drogba weren’t exceptions; Chris Sutton and Little Luffy also proved this point.

“Long live Zenit!”

“Our empire is invincible!”

“Invincible! Invincible! Invincible! Invincible! Invincible! Invincible!”

Such battles only existed in legends and tales for ordinary people. This master of Chambord in golden armor seemed truly invincible.

Spilling of blood, shattering of bones, crying of enemies, and bold laughter of their heroes…

All these scenes were shocking to them in this morning that was supposed to be filled with desperation. The Zenitians on the defense wall were elated. Even the haughty nobles hugged and laughed with ordinary soldiers around them, and they cheered for their heroes together!

As they cheered, more incredible things happened.

They weren’t sure when, but a few more figures appeared in the sky.

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