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Hail the King Chapter 866.1

Chapter 866: Oh Damn! So Funny! 

[TL Note: Hey guys, this chapter is only a little over 1K English words which is a lot shorter than usual, so we decided not to split the chapter and keep it as a whole.]

Now, the Moon-Class battle was over; all 20 Moon-Class Elites who came with D’Alessandro died here. Their greed and lack of morals made these masters who dominated regions pay the ultimate price.

This was the Azeroth Continent that obeyed the law of the jungle. It was either kill or be killed; only the powerful could survive in this cold and cruel world.

All the Moon-Class Elites on the side of Zenit gradually gathered together with Lampard, the Gold Saint of Leon, as the center. They formed a row and blocked D’Alessandro from St. Petersburg.

Matt Razi and Chris Sutton were in the worst state with multiple injuries on them. However, the wounds weren’t lethal, and they still looked high-spirited even though their clothes and armor were stained by blood. After witnessing others’ battles, they were inspired.

No.1 Traveling Poet of Zenit, Matt Razi, had been stuck at the peak of top-tier New Moon for many years, but he broke through the threshold and was now a Half Moon Elite after the deadly battles; it was a blessing in disguise.

Even though the Gold Saints such as Drogba were injured, the injuries were a lot lighter compared to those two.

The second generation of Star Saint Sets made from the [Black Stone Essence] and the [Demon’s Remains] were engraved with the godly runes that the Mad Scientists’ Laboratory obtained, and they could communicate with the stars and borrow their power. Also, since Blacksmith Charsi’s skills improved a lot, she made the Star Saint Sets tough and allowed them to best protect the warriors. Even if enemies on their level struck the Gold Saints, 90% of the damage would be blocked.

These Star Saint Sets were the main reason why the Gold Saints could focus on offense and temporarily ignore their defense, dominating over their enemies.

“Humph! What a joke! You are the No.2 Disciple of the Continental Martial Saint, but you created such a big lie and tried to frame my lord! Also, you tried to wipe out Chambord City and make the Royal Family of Zenit bleed. What? You didn’t recognize the warriors of Chambord during the battle?” Lampard sneered and asked back.

This was the first time that this quiet and reserved genius warrior said so many words in one go.

“What? You are all subordinates of the King of Chambord?”

Even though D’Alessandro had great control over his emotions and expressions, he gaped at this moment; he had never expected this answer!

“What is happening? Am I dreaming? How can an affiliated kingdom be so strong?” he thought to himself.

“What? You scared now?” Drogba sneered and squeezed his fists murderously.

D’Alessandro’s pupils contracted. Suddenly, he thought of something and laughed, “I didn’t expect the Chambord Kingdom to have such power! I am surprised! Hahaha! However, this should be all the strength that you have, right? With the most powerful warriors guarding St. Petersburg, your Chambord City should be empty, right? Hahaha!”

D’Alessandro’s laughter was filled with mockery.

Flatterer Oleg rolled his eyes and appeared to be shocked. He screamed, “You… what do you mean?”

With a proud and cruel smile, D’Alessandro said, “I’m afraid that the Chambord City is now soaked in a sea of blood! Everyone including the royals and the children should be killed now! Hahaha! Your cleverness shot yourself in the foot!”

Oleg shivered as if he had bed bugs all over his body, and he screamed even more dramatically, “What do you mean? Did you send people to Chambord? You despicable…”

“Hahaha!” D’Alessandro laughed proudly and didn’t hide his real emotions. He added, “I already sent a team of masters to wipe out the Chambord Kingdom! A Sun-Class Lord is leading the way, and they could easily conquer a city that isn’t guarded by masters! Hahaha! This is the result of opposing me!”

After revealing this secret, D’Alessandro was ready to see the terrified and panicking expressions on his opponents’ faces.

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“Ha! Hahahaha! Hahaha! So funny!”

“God damn! Hahaha! Ouch! My stomach!”

“Haha, this… a dumb*ss like him dares to… to battle my lord? Hahaha!”

D’Alessandro faced the laughter of the dozens of Moon-Class Elites. Especially Pierce and Drogba; they laughed so hard that tears appeared in their eyes, and they held onto their stomachs exaggeratedly. In the end, Flatterer Oleg also couldn’t act anymore, and he laughed as he slapped his legs and wiped away his tears.

It seemed like a group of people was seeing the performance of a clown.

“Damn it! You dirty mice! What are you laughing about?” D’Alessandro was enraged, and an ominous feeling appeared in his mind.

After most of the Moon-Class Elites of Chambord finished laughing, young Priest Jessie held back his laughter and threw a black object to D’Alessandro as he said, “He is the Sun-Class Lord that you mentioned, right?”

D’Alessandro reached out his hand, and an invisible force grabbed onto that black shadow and pulled it over. When he got a closer look, he almost created. This black shadow was Albeda, the Sun-Class Lord of Anji who had led the other group of Moon-Class Elites to Chambord.

This ultimate master who should be slaughtering others was like an old dog at the moment. As if his muscles had all given out, he was soft and unconscious. His power that was great enough to move mountains was no longer there, and it seemed like he had become an ordinary senior who didn’t have any energy.

Indescribable shock and fear instantly occupied D’Alessandro’s mind.

With a dark expression, he sent a trace of his energy into Albeda’s body. After close inspection, he noticed all the energy channels inside this master’s body were all broken, and a terrifying ice energy and a horrifying fire energy alternated inside Albeda’s body, destroying it further. Right now, none of his Sun-Class core was left, and all of his strength was gone. Even if a god descended from heaven, Albeda’s strength couldn’t be restored.

A Sun-Class Lord was a master who stood on the top of the food chain on the Azeroth Continent. Now, he was a wastrel.

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