Chapter 867: How Can You Make Zenit Disappear? (Part One)

“Who did this?” D’Alessandro asked angrily.

His murderous spirit couldn’t be hidden. He already sensed that the master who defeated Albeda was a lot weaker than him, so he wasn’t concerned. However, the strength and potential that the Chambord Kingdom showcased shocked him.

For the first time, he regretted making the King of Chambord into his enemy. However, since everything already happened, regretting was useless. Therefore, he could only quickly kill all his enemies here and clear the root cause before putting all of this behind him.

Otherwise, if the Chambord Kingdom strengthened even further, his doomsday would be near.

“Mice, you have truly angered me. Angered me! All die!”

As soon as D’Alessandro said that, he unleashed his full strength as a peak Burning Sun Lord. His terrifying strength dashed out of his body that wasn’t burly, and the natural elements around him became chaotic and violent. Transparent ripples appeared one after another, and it seemed like the laws of nature were slowly changing in the area.

Such terrifying power seemed to have made D’Alessandro the center of the world, and he looked like a demonic god who couldn’t be defeated.

Except for Lampard who could barely hold up, the other Moon-Class Elites of Zenit spat out blood and quickly retreated like small boats on the ocean during a massive storm; they were in danger and might be destroyed at any second.

In front of D’Alessandro’s power, the Moon-Class Elites were like insects before a dragon.

“Hahaha! A bunch of ignorant bugs! Do you think that you can challenge me after killing a few Moon-Class Elites? Ok! I will let you know that the difference between ants and a dragon can never be measured!”

As D’Alessandro laughed arrogantly, he made a gesture with his hands.

In an instant, Lampard couldn’t stand still in the sky as well. The Star Saint Set of Leo couldn’t offer him more protection, and he flew back like a punched sandbag as he spat out blood while cracking noises sounded from his body.

Lampard was close to the Sun-Class Realm, yet he couldn’t do anything about this, let alone others who were much weaker. Under the huge force, these masters couldn’t control their own bodies, and they got blown around like straws in a tornado. Weaker masters like Matt Razi and Chris Sutton had already fainted.

The sky and the ground were both shaking and crying under D’Alessandro’s terrifying power.

The orange [Goddess of Earth’s Protection] had been around St. Petersburg for many years, and it was being powered by many magic arrays and countless magic gems. However, under the energy surge of D’Alessandro, it shattered like the eggshell, quickly disappearing into nothingness.

Cracks appeared on the ground, and the cracks on the defense wall grew bigger. The sky darkened, and the rising sun hid behind dark clouds as if it were afraid of this big-headed demonic figure as well.

The light in the region quickly dimmed, and darkness approached.

D’Alessandro’s power was beyond the comprehension of many people.

Even if millions of soldiers were here, they would be turned into ashes in a split second.

Thousands of ordinary soldiers of Zenit who were stationed on the defense wall couldn’t resist such pressure, and their bodies cracked like dry mud dolls and got turned into meat paste, falling down the defense wall. Further into St. Petersburg, the magic towers that had been inside the city for many years and were guarded by powerful mages shook and gradually collapsed.

Various-colored magic energy and warrior energy flames burned around the watchtower on the southern gate, and they created an energy sphere, trying its best to resist the pressure. Royals and nobles such as the Elder Prince, the Elder Princess, and Paris were protected in it, and it was impossible for them to escape.

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