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Hail the King Chapter 868.1

Chapter 868: Mythical Technique versus Mythical Technique (Part One)

This blue-haired middle-aged man who suddenly appeared in a dominating fashion and struck back at D’Alessandro was the person who created the Zenit Empire, the legendary and prestigious Emperor Yassin.

Elder Prince Arshavin’s gasp sounded like a rumble of thunder to others.

For all these years, Emperor Yassin had been keeping to himself in the Royal Palace and rarely showed his face. In fact, a lot of young soldiers and nobles had never seen his face before. Only those old ministers who had battled alongside Emperor Yassin and the top-tier officials who could enter the Royal Palace to make reports could recognize this legendary emperor.

Right now, Emperor Yassin was wearing a faint-blue royal robe and a golden silk belt, and his long blue hair fluttered in the wind like waves on the ocean, reaching his waist. He wasn’t holding a scepter nor wearing a crown, but his indescribable temperament made others feel like only such a person could be Emperor Yassin.

The nobles were all shocked.

For the last 26 years, Emperor Yassin stayed in most of the time, and the information that they got from the Royal Family was that His Majesty was ill with deteriorating health. Especially recently, a lot of rumors were saying that Emperor Yassin’s life was in danger, and he could die at any moment now. Therefore, almost everyone in Zenit believed that Emperor Yassin didn’t have many days left to live.

Due to these rumors, many Zenitians were anxious, and some nobles jumped ship in the face of danger and joined enemies.

However, judging from the dominating and commanding presence that Emperor Yassin was showing right now, his vitality was as vast as the ocean, and his aura was terrifying. In fact, he seemed like a god!

His current status was even more powerful than his prime many years ago, far different from what the rumors had stated. Instead of looking like a dying old man, he was in his prime and reached a new height in terms of cultivation.

What kind of secrets were hidden in this?

Why did Emperor Yassin suddenly become a hermit when he was at his prime? Why would he spread rumors, saying that he was close to dying?

The nobles felt like their heads were buzzing, and this revealed secret made them very anxious. After thinking back to the things that they did in secret recently, their bodies were covered in cold sweat, and they were terrified.

“Who… are you?”

Standing in the air, D’Alessandro couldn’t hide the shock on his face. Even though there were thick black clouds, cracked ground, and floods behind him, looking like doomsday, he felt a huge amount of pressure from this blue-haired, middle-aged man. He could tell that this man’s power wasn’t weaker than his.

“I’m the Emperor of Zenit, Yassin,” the blue-haired, middle-aged man said calmly, but the majestic sensation and dominating prestige couldn’t be hidden.

Behind Emperor Yassin, the sky was blue with some white clouds floating around. The sunlight was bright, the weather was beautiful, and green grass danced on the ground; it was a pleasant scene.

The two masters stood in the sky, and it seemed like they represented brightness and darkness. As if the line between them was the division between heaven and hell, their powers created different phenomena, and this scene was mystical.

“You are the Emperor of Zenit?” D’Alessandro was stunned to his core, and he couldn’t describe his emotions.

This was shocking to him! In his mind, the emperors of level 1 empires were like bandit leaders.

“How can the Emperor of Zenit be this strong? With his strength, he can easily conquer the Leon Empire and unite the Northern Region of Azeroth! How come the situation turned into this?” D’Alessandro thought to himself with his mouth wide open.

He didn’t know what to say, and he was regretting all his decisions. If he could start over again, he would never try to provoke this level 1 empire.

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