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Hail the King Chapter 869.1

Chapter 869: Immeasurable Emperor (Part One)

The first strike of the [Dragon Fist] and a strike of the [God-Slaying Scroll] finally finished colliding, and it was a draw.

The dragon paw that had sharp dragon claws and golden dragon scales became more and more transparent as the many silver sword energies struck it non-stop. In the end, this dragon paw exploded, and all the silver sword energies disappeared at the same time as they couldn’t last any longer.

Although it seemed like an even match, Emperor Yassin still looked majestic and composed, but D’Alessandro paled and breathed heavily. These subtle cues told everyone who was the stronger master.

After the first strike, Emperor Yassin used the second strike without hesitation. As soon as he moved his hand, dragon roars resonated in the sky again.

[Dragon Fist – Dragon’s Maneuver]

While the roars continued, the blue sky behind Emperor Yassin was suddenly torn open, and a legendary giant dragon with flashy golden scales dashed out of the void. This godly dragon was full of life energy, and golden light came off every corner of its body. Head, whiskers, eyes, horns, neck, body… every part of this dragon seemed life-like, and the dreamy and metallic texture of its skin made people who looked at it shiver in fear.

As Emperor Yassin punched out, the godly dragon opened its giant mouth and roared before flying toward D’Alessandro at lightning speed.

“Damn it! [God-Slaying Scroll]!”

D’Alessandro didn’t have a decision to make, and he again used that strike from the [God-Slaying Scroll]. As metal-grinding noises sounded, those silver sword energies spread out behind him like the open feathers of a peacock. That fan made of sword energies appeared again, and the sword energies dashed toward the godly golden dragon like a storm.

The energy surges that were almost identical to their first strikes dashed in all directions.

Behind D’Alessandro, all the mountains and land were affected. The ground sunk and became an abyss, the mountains collapsed and turned into flatland, and giant hills were shattered into dust, creating a death-like desert. All the terrains within five kilometers of the center of the battle changed completely!

It seemed like Emperor Yassin still had energy left in him. As he stood in the sky, all the energy surges were blocked 50 meters away from his body. St. Petersburg and the living creatures inside it were all protected by Emperor Yassin, and no damage occurred.

“Eh… Puff!”

After the fan of swords finished attacking, it wasn’t able to defeat this golden-scaled godly dragon. This almost-transparent dragon opened its mouth and swallowed D’Alessandro.

Although D’Alessandro fought back fiercely and destroyed the dragon’s mouth, he was severely injured. As he snorted, he opened his mouth and spat out a mouthful of light-silver blood.

The energy contained inside the silver blood was insane. When it landed on the ground, hissing noises sounded as a crater appeared; it felt like a pool of lava was dropped into an ice pond.

This was the power of peak Burning Sun Lords! Their blood, bones, and even hair were completely transformed, almost elevating above mortals and reaching that forbidden power level. If they could break through the threshold and step into the Demi-God Realm, they would become a higher-level lifeform, ultimately moving past humans.

“Hahaha! You are only scaring people with your master’s name! You are weak! If this is all you have, stay here until your master comes!” Emperor Yassin took a step forward and used the third strike.

The strength of the Emperor of Zenit was truly immeasurable. He only revealed a little bit of his strength, yet he had already defeated D’Alessandro with just two strikes, completely going against the rumors about him.

His power shocked the people on the defense wall and terrified D’Alessandro.

Dragon roars sounded from the high sky again.

As Emperor Yassin raised his right hand, he used the third strike.

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  1. He was not this strong before. How did Yassin get this strong so fast?

  2. LadyRedHood

    You hide your strength, bide your time. That’s how you both forge an empire and protect it.

  3. MagicMan

    Assuming that is true then likely because of his trip to the under sea palace. Likely where he obtained that blue stone someone tried to rob from him.

  4. DirganDS

    He was injured when battled with morning sun domenech but now he almost beat a full burning sun alesandro? I mean, how?

    • Cynex

      He wasn’t injured facing domenech if anything domenech got his as* stopped by yassin

  5. Yassin in inferior to no one

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