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Hail the King Chapter 87

Chapter 87: Magic Crystals and Mysterious Man

“I don’t deserve him, I need to become better…… become better!”

This idea grew and wildly spread in Angela’s mind like a virus.

Fei was the only thing that was on the girl’s mind. She didn’t know when she had become like this, and she didn’t want to know …… She just wanted to become better. With this mentality, she had a sense of inferiority every time she faced Fei.

Unfortunately, Fei didn’t know how Angela was feeling, although he thought he was an expert in love.

The dinner continued.

“Oh, right. Alexander, Princess Tanasha also pre-ordered a few sets of the dresses that you designed……En, she also picked out a few [Booby Armor]……” Angela didn’t know what “booby” meant; she only felt that this word was cute. She thought and told Fei calmly.

Fei instantly spit out the food in his mouth.

“God, Lord, Buddha…… Can you imagine a pure, fairy-like girl saying the word “booby” in front of you decently? What a b-----d… Fei couldn’t help but peek at one of Angela’s body parts.

“Oh? Really? What colors did she choose?” Fei asked as he pretended to be calm.

“Red…… Oh, and rose.” Emma on the other side of the table was finally done eating. This girl who had been loved by Angela and Fei as a little sister tried really hard to participate in this “adult conversation”. She tilted her head and answered, “Her highness chose an all red [Booby Armors].”


Another pure girl was using the word “booby”. Fei continuously coughed and tried hard to not to spit out the apple he chewing in his mouth.

“Alexander, do you feel not so well?”

After seeing Fei’s head and neck turning red, Angela became worried.

“Eh…… no, no. Hehe!” Fei looked around and said, “Today’s weather isn’t bad……”

The dinner quickly passed in this enchanting atmosphere – Of course, this atmosphere was only unilaterally felt by Fei.

After the servants put away the tableware, Angela and Emma wanted to moved a little to help with their digestion. They held their hands together and decided to go see the big black dog that was in “fall hibernation”.

Angela rescued this big black dog from the back mountains of Chambord. It was only about the size of a hand, cute and weak. Who knew that in three years time, it grew to the size of a bull calf and had exceptional strength? From its appearance, this black dog definitely wasn’t a rare species; there wasn’t any difference between it and other street dogs. However, this beast was very smart and extremely loyal to Angela and Emma. But for some reason, it didn’t like Fei, his male master very much. Every time it saw Fei, it would bark and bare its teeth.

About ten days ago, this energetic big dog fell into a deep sleep for some reason. Despite the attempts of Angela and Emma in waking it up, it didn’t get up to eat or drink. Angela even got the best veterinarian in Chambord to look at it, but the vet couldn’t do anything about it. Angela was pretty anxious about the whole situation……

Of course, everything had a reason.

Fei hadn’t told his beautiful fiancee that the reason why the dog became like this was because — When he was experimenting with the 【Hulk Potion】before, he got too excited. He forced open the dog’s mouth with his hand and poured half a bottle of the potion into its mouth. Fortunately, the poor dog didn’t die from the pain, but it definitely suffered from the effect of the potion. That was why it fell into a “hibernation”, because of the animal’s natural self-protecting mechanism.

After seeing Angela’s and Emma’s beautiful figures disappear from the door, Fei stood up and walked to a window in the palace.

For some reason, Fei suddenly thought of the mysterious elder princess from Zenit Empire. He wasn’t sure what this princess was doing here. After arriving at Chambord more than ten days ago, she didn’t demand Fei, the king of this affiliated kingdom to go see her. She didn’t come to Fei, nor did Fei go visit her. Both of them were like two kids holding grudges against each other. Both were waiting to see who had the most patience and could endure the discomfort the most.

“Hehe, she actually picked the red bras. It looks like the elder princess isn’t as boring as she may appear. Hahaha!”

The King who was in his “obscenity mode” didn’t notice that his “eerie” behaviour had scared the servants who were doing clean up, as his actions gave them goosebumps.

“Your Majesty, Priest Zola and Knight Luciano from the Holy Church are here and wish to speak to you.”

At this moment, a guard came into the palace and reported.

Fei recognized this guard. He was one of the twenty-three strongmen that had fought on the stone bridge. His name was Michel-Ballack. He gave Fei a trustworthy feeling just from his look: his sharp face, black curly hair and big bright eyes combined together to form a just and honest appearance.

Fei walked to the main executive hall and saw Priest Zola and Knight Luciano who were waiting respectfully at the gate. A few cleanly dressed novice priests were behind them and were all holding onto a few big chests.

After seeing Fei’s arrival, both of them put on a flattering smile and walked toward Fei. Fei on the other hand side didn’t even greet them. He humphed and entered the hall directly. Zola and Luciano didn’t get a good response and were pretty embarrassed. However, they didn’t dare to show any signs of unpleasantness and waited quietly at the entrance to the hall.

After a while, Guard Ballack came out and said, “King Alexander asked you to come in.”

Both of them were delighted. They rushed in and signaled the novice priests who were carrying the big chests to follow them. After they entered the hall, they were all walking on their toes as they lightened their breathing; they were afraid that making any other noises might disturb Fei. After they were under the dual lion clustered throne that was high up on the stairs, Zola and Luciano instantly saluted to Fei, “Your Majesty…… Zola and Luciano greets our master.”

“Why are you guys here?”

Fei, who was sitting on the high throne and glancing at the two didn’t reject nor accept the title as their master. But to the two, the question that Fei asked meant that he admitted his hidden identity, causing Zola to be even more sure about his prior assumptions. He quickly answered, “Both of us only learnt of your true identity today. We truly admires master’s identity and deeds, so right after we organized and fixed up the church, we came here immediately to visit you and receive your orders.”

After he said that, he signaled the novice priests to open up the two iron chests. Colorful lights shined and brightened up the hall. These lights contained some magic powers and gave Fei a familiar feeling.

“These different classes of magic crystals, as well as a few magic scrolls are the tributes that Luciano and I wanted to give to master. We hope you are satisfied with it.” Zola signaled again and the novice priests placed the two chests onto the stone stairs.

Fei didn’t say anything.

He walked toward one chest and took a detailed look. The chest was filled with weirdly-shaped stones in a few colors, including yellow, blue and white. They all glowed soft lights. What was surprising was that each stone emitted some magic power. Some felt soft, some felt warm, some felt aggressive and some felt dense. Magic powers of all classes flowed in the air as the different colored lights shined.

Fei reached out his hand and grabbed onto a magic crystal; his eyebrows slightly furrowed.

He was surprised, because the magic crystal that Zola was talking about was the same as all the 【Chipped Gems】from the Diablo World. It wasn’t just the shapes, but also the magic power inside of them. He was sure that they were the same thing.

But how did the items in the Diablo World appear in the real world? And from what Zola and Luciano said, although these magic crystals were expensive, they weren’t rare. Otherwise, there would be no way for both of them to come up with a whole chest.

Fei threw the 【Chipped Emerald】back in the chest and took a look at the other chest.

The second chest wasn’t filled with magic crystals. Instead, there were scrolls made from all different materials and were all tied up delicately with golden threads. There were about a dozen of them, and every scroll had a different color and magic power. However, the dense magic symbols and patterns that were sealed and carved on them lit up and shined irregularly. Although there were only about a dozen scrolls, Zola, the two legged rattlesnake used a whole iron chest to contain them. The value of these scroll probably wasn’t less than the chest of magic crystals. Unfortunately, Fei didn’t have too much knowledge about the mage profession on Azeroth Continent, even after he read all the books in his Royal Library. He couldn’t identify what kind, nor the level of the magic that was stored in these scrolls. He also couldn’t recognize any of the magic symbol or patterns. Even though he picked up the scrolls one by one and observed them in detail, he couldn’t get any information out of them.

“I will accept these items.”

Fei didn’t act polite and reject these items at all. Why would he reject these expensive gifts? Moreover, they were from Zola and Luciano, the dirty and greedy partners from the Holy Church. Fei wouldn’t feel bad even if he took everything they owned.

“Ah, that is great, as long as you like them…… As long as you like them!”

After hearing that Fei would accept their gifts, both of them let out the breath they were holding for a long time. They were lit up; what they saw meant that this majestic [God’s Favorite Child] in front of them was satisfied with their behaviour. It was a great sign; if they put more effort into it, their master would be more happy with them.

“One more thing, I want to know how you guys heard about evil undead magic appearing during the prior battle,” Fei suddenly asked. “Did the order come from the Church’s Bishop from Zenit Empire, or was it a direct order from the headquarter Holy Mountain – Waulu?”

A weird expression appeared on Zola and Luciano’s face. They stared at each other for a little bit, and Zola finally answered honestly, “ Master, this information actually didn’t come from the upper layers of the Church. On our way to Chambord, we met a mysterious black-cloaked man. He was the one who specifically told us that.”

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