Chapter 870: What If I Join? (Part One)

Emperor Yassin was humiliating D’Alessandro without holding back.

From the beginning to the end, it seemed like Emperor Yassin was disciplining one of his subordinates. In terms of temperament, composure, and intelligence, Emperor Yassin suppressed D’Alessandro greatly. In terms of cultivation strength, he also easily shattered the confidence and the desire for battle of the No.2 Disciple of the Continental Martial Saint. It was clear to everyone that the Emperor of Zenit wasn’t treating D’Alessandro as a big problem.

“You… are too arrogant!” D’Alessandro was so angry that he almost spat out blood, and he fell into a frenzy.

As he lightly waved his right hand, a faint-silver energy flame flashed by as a delicate thin sword that was about 1.5 meters long appeared in his hand. The sword was reflecting chilly light, looking like a light beam. If one paid close attention to it, they would find that this sword was as fancy as the works of grandmasters that could rarely be seen in this world. Lines of silver-colored, perfect tier magic crystals were inlaid in the handle, the guard, and the fuller. Thin, hair-like runes were engraved on both sides of the blades, and subtle silver light traveled in the magic paths in the runes and emitted dangerous light.

It was a semi-god-tier combat weapon!

With this sword in hand, D’Alessandro’s aura skyrocketed, almost breaking through peak Burning Sun Realm. It was heard that semi-god-tier weapons could increase the power of the user by hundreds of times. Although it was a little exaggerated, this sword unleashed terrifying force in the hands of a master like D’Alessandro.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

As D’Alessandro casually shook the silver sword, more than a dozen chilly light beams shot out of the sword and flew toward Emperor Yassin.

Streaks of golden ripples appeared in the air, blocking the silver light beams and stopping them from getting within ten meters of Emperor Yassin. The sword-shaped light beams that rushed into the golden ripples were slowed down drastically like snails that fell into a swamp, and the true form of the light beams was made visible. They were many miniature swords, almost identical to the fancy sword in D’Alessandro’s hand, and they gradually stopped in the air with terrifying power inside them.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The silver swords exploded, creating a gale and fluttered Emperor Yassin’s light-blue royal robe.

This was the first time that D’Alessandro fluttered Emperor Yassin’s robe since they started battling.

“Hahaha! What a damn emperor! How dare you be more arrogant than me? Die!”

After successfully affecting Emperor Yassin, D’Alessandro’s confidence grew by a lot. As he flashed in the air, he swung the fancy thin sword in his hand and cut through all the golden energy flames in front of Emperor Yassin as if he were butchering a cut of meat. As he finally got close to Emperor Yassin, he started the close-range battle.

Instantly, the two of them started to flash around in the sky crazily. No powerful energy explosions appeared, but it was more terrifying. Since the two of them moved too fast, many afterimages appeared; some afterimages showed that the thin sword pierced Emperor Yassin’s throat, and others showed that Emperor Yassin crushed D’Alessandro’s head with his fists.

All kinds of afterimages appeared, but almost no one could spot and locate where they were.

After this fascinating battle continued for dozens of minutes, a loud noise finally sounded, and the two figures flew back in opposite directions.

Even though a streak of blood was sliding down D’Alessandro’s lips, the thin sword in his hand was still dancing and striking out.

Emperor Yassin wasn’t injured, but a few strands of his long blue hair were cut off and gone in the wind. Also, three terrifying tears appeared on his blue robe, only a few millimeters away from cutting into his skin.

“Hahaha! The accumulation of the Continental Martial Saint Mountain can’t be underestimated! Although you are an emperor, you only control one level 1 empire, and you are like an ant to me! The outcome is still undetermined. What can you do?”

D’Alessandro laughed arrogantly. Since he had been severely injured, his movement was a little slow. Otherwise, he would have damaged the Emperor of Zenit already.

“If I didn’t lose my god-tier combat weapon at the bottom of the sea, I would have killed the Emperor of Zenit easily!” D’Alessandro thought to himself.

“Even with Maradona’s [Star Mark], you are no match for me,” Emperor Yassin said calmly; he wasn’t that angry.

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