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Hail the King Chapter 870.2

Chapter 870: What If I Join? (Part Two)

This fancy thin sword was named [Star Mark], and it was Maradona’s weapon during his early days and had killed many powerful masters. Out of all the semi-god-tier combat weapons in the world, [Star Mark] was in the top group. However, it seemed like D’Alessandro hadn’t completely controlled this semi-god-tier combat weapon, and he only unleashed less than one-tenth the power of [Star Mark].

“Really? Emperor of Zenit, you are arrogant! However, what if I join?” A strange voice sounded on the battlefield.

A series of terrifying energy fluctuations appeared on the side of the two masters. Then, transparent ripples appeared in the sky, and a figure emerged from the ripples as if an old photo were being printed. Although the process looked slow, it was swift.

This figure was short and chubby, and his long hair was messy and looked like a waterfall, reaching his ankles. He was wearing a leather robe, and his green eyes that were as big as beans emitted wild and violent light. His muscles were bulging as if they were carved out, and he was holding a giant beast bone that looked terrifying.

This unwelcome guest looked like a dumb mercenary who was struggling to stay alive, but the terrifying energy coming off him made others shiver. A large amount of earth elemental energy was being released from his short and chubby body, and it bent light and suffocated people around him.

It was clear that his strength wasn’t inferior to Emperor Yassin’s and D’Alessandro’s.

This sudden change surprised everyone.

“Who is he? Why is he standing with D’Alessandro? Can Emperor Yassin stop both masters who are on the same level as him?” Almost everyone on the defense wall of St. Petersburg was nervous, and they were stunned by this incident. The sliver of hope that appeared in their minds seemed distant again. It seemed like the Goddess of Victory was flirting with both parties.

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Elder Prince Arshavin furrowed his brows, and Elder Princess Tanasha and Demonic Woman Paris both smiled bitterly.

Battles on this level far exceeded all strategies. In front of absolute power, all schemes and planning were useless. Even though these two women were intelligent, they couldn’t offer any help.

-In the sky-

Emperor Yassin frowned and said, “Emperor of Anji, so you couldn’t endure the loneliness and came here.”

“Hahaha! I waited for many years, and today is the only opportunity that I have to kill you; of course, I won’t let it go,” this short and chubby figure laughed. He was Suleyman Kerimov, the ambitious emperor of the rising empire.

“So, you two planned this out?” Emperor Yassin looked at D’Alessandro and Emperor Kerimov, and he seemed to have understood something.

“Hehehe, it is too late to realize this now!” D’Alessandro laughed arrogantly.

“You pretended to be ill and fooled a lot of people, but not me! All these years, I have tested you three times, and I couldn’t get a read on you. You are indeed a cultivation genius! I have been waiting for the chance to kill you! Today is the day!” Kerimov laughed arrogantly as well, “Today, the Emperor of Zenit is going to pass away! This is a two-versus-one battle! You can’t win!”

D’Alessandro and Emperor Kerimov were confident. They finally drew out Emperor Yassin, and they felt like there was no way that this man could escape.

“Suleyman, you are the emperor of an empire; aren’t you afraid that you will be laughed at by others for engaging in a two-versus-one battle?” Emperor Yassin asked calmly.

“As long as I can kill you, the history book will be written by me. The rumors spread by others are meaningless,” Kerimov said carelessly.

“It seems like you have schemed this for a long time.” Emperor Yassin didn’t look scared.

“Hahaha! That is right! We will win for sure! You can die with certainty!” D’Alessandro couldn’t wait.

“Really? What if I join?”

Suddenly, the fourth voice sounded on the defense wall of St. Petersburg. It penetrated the force fields of the other three masters and resonated in the sky.

The amount of power contained in this voice wasn’t inferior to these three masters.

“Another top-tier master? Who is he?” People were shocked.

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