Chapter 871: Two Geniuses (Part One)

People looked toward the source of the voice, and they saw that mysterious person who was standing behind Paris and wearing a black cloak walking out. After he suddenly took off the cloak, everyone saw his handsome face.

“Mr. Martial Saint?” the nobles who were close to him gasped.

This handsome young man was the King of Chambord. Although some people hated him, and some people loved him, no one could deny that he was a cultivation genius. He was the Imperial Martial Saint of Zenit who was loved by almost all the low-level citizens.

“Hahaha! Emperor of Anji, you are famous, and you are known as the Little Overlord of the Northern Region. I didn’t think that you would come to the Capital of Zenit alone! This is surprising! However, why didn’t you bring a few guards? If you die here and can’t return, the rise of the Anji Empire will become a joke!”

Fei laughed without hiding his vicious murderous spirit.

As his body flashed, Fei flew into the sky without the disguise of the black cloak, and he was now wearing a white, snow-like robe. His long black hair fluttered behind his head like a waterfall, and his aura was imposing, making others feel like he was ethereal and celestial.

Cheers instantly shouted on the defense wall.

All the nobles and soldiers had tears in their eyes. Since the start of the battle, all kinds of plot twists had occurred, and it was both surprising and stunning.

Emperor Yassin’s dominating appearance made these people feel like the dark clouds over their heads were lifted, but Emperor Suleyman Kerimov also came, making the situation turn around drastically. Now, the other pride of Zenit, Imperial Martial Saint Alexander, showed up at this critical time.

With the King of Chambord’s unparalleled strength, even if he couldn’t defeat D’Alessandro and Kerimov, he could take some pressure off Emperor Yassin’s shoulder, adding a sliver of hope to the current situation for Zenit.

Right now, Imperial Martial Saint Alexander was the only person in Zenit who could help Emperor Yassin at this moment.

Emperor Yassin and King Alexander of Chambord were the two most talented cultivation geniuses that Zenit ever had, and they were the most powerful. One of them represented the glory of the old generation, while the other one was the most powerful young warrior in the young generation. However, they were both like tall mountains that couldn’t be climbed in their peers’ eyes.

To many people, seeing these two most powerful masters of Zenit battling alongside each other was a perfect ending to all this.

Like a flash of lightning, Fei appeared before Emperor Yassin and bowed, saying, “Greetings, Your Majesty.”

“There is no need for formality on the battlefield.” Emperor Yassin smiled and replied, “You have planned this well; not bad.”

The fact that Zenit could last this long in the crisis was all thanks to the Moon-Class Elites of Chambord.

“I’m embarrassed. This crisis technically appeared due to the Chambord Kingdom and me; I have burdened Zenit…” Fei was feeling a little guilty. Although they had killed the 20 Moon-Class Elites who came with D’Alessandro, the defense wall of St. Petersburg collapsed a lot, and thousands of soldiers died. Fei had to take some responsibility for this.

Suddenly, a burst of laughter sounded, “Hahaha! Are you two finished talking before death?”

Emperor Kerimov laughed with a mocking expression on his face, “Yassin, you are an emperor of a human empire, but you still want to protect this Alexander who is a criminal of humans. You are just as guilty as him. You deserve to be killed tens of thousands of times. Today is the perfect day; I will send both of you to hell!”

After saying that, he turned into a dash of orange light and flew toward Fei murderously.

His short and chubby body looked like a meteor, and the thick orange energy flames around him pulled a lot of dust over. Wherever he went, the light was bent, space collapsed, and time slowed down. As if he were a demonic god or an ancient prehistoric beast, he swung his giant bone weapon and attacked Fei.

Vicious light appeared in Kerimov’s green eyes.

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