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Hail the King Chapter 872.1

Chapter 872: Shocking (Part One)

Loud cheers instantly sounded on the defense wall of St. Petersburg.

To the ordinary soldiers of Zenit, even though Emperor Yassin’s majestic and prestigious presence was admirable, the King of Chambord’s bold dominance fit their taste more and made him feel more relatable. His dominating presence and suppressive demeanor were in line with the military; such beliefs of invincibility and dominance were required on the battlefield.

“Arrogance!” Like a provoked beast, Emperor Kerimov roared in anger, “What are you? How dare you, a king of a little affiliated kingdom, disrespect me? How can an ant like you challenge my prestige? Today, I will kill you!”

With his hands grasping the white bone tightly, Kerimov’s muscles bugled up, and his short and chubby body enlarged by about four times like an inflatable balloon, turning into a giant. It seemed like he used a strange and unique secret technique.

Meantime, a series of terrifying beast roars sounded from the three-meter-long beast bone as if it had a life and a soul of its own. Then, waves of mysterious red light grew out of the beast bone, and streaks of red energy paths appeared on the beast bone, looking like mysterious runes.

Fei frowned a little.

This was very close to the rare demonic runes of one branch of hermit-like demons from the ancient Mythical Era, and this secret technique was well-kept. Could it be that Emperor Kerimov was related to this branch of the demons?”

After transforming, Kerimov’s strength continued to increase drastically. Although he was more than 50 meters away from Fei, the king still sensed a powerful pressure that felt like it came from a group of wild beasts. There was a mystical suction force around Emperor Kerimov, and even the light got sucked in and bent, making the space around him distorted.

Soon, his entire body was enveloped inside the shivering and rippling darkness.

Fei sneered and grasped onto [Immortal King’s Stone Crusher] tighter. As he unleashed his full strength, layers of red runes also appeared on the hammer like tadpoles, and the other three components of the [Immortal King] Item Set that Fei had also undergone transformations. As godly runes appeared on them, a holy yet murderous aura appeared, making Fei look like a demonic god.

For some reason, Fei couldn’t hold back his murderous spirit as soon as he saw the Emperor of Anji. As if they were mortal enemies, Fei wanted to destroy this man from the beginning. The wild, beast-like aura on Kerimov provoked Fei at every second, making the king want to attack without holding back.

“Let’s do it again! I will kill you with one strike!” Kerimov’s roar resonated in the sky.

“Hahaha! I will also kill you with one strike!” Fei’s murderous spirit burned like fire as he was somehow being provoked, and he was about to use his trump card.

Cheers sounded on the defense wall of the Capital of Zenit as Zenitians rallied for their Imperial Martial Saint.

The atmosphere was intense, and the nervousness and anxiousness that could be felt were going to trigger and light an explosion. As Fei and Kerimov looked at each other, a series of sparks appeared in the air as if two metal weapons were grinding against each other.

Suddenly, Emperor Yassin who had been quiet for a while spoke, “Alexander, back off for now.”

“Huh?” Fei was a little surprised but felt like he understood something.

As colorful lights flashed on Fei, the four components of the [Immortal King] Item Set all disappeared from Fei’s body. That clean, snow-like white robe reappeared on his body, and he dashed back for about 500 meters and returned to the defense wall as his long black hair fluttered.

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  1. Apellon

    Boom ? ! This is awesome… ( tho i hope they explain a little more about the jiang desert empire hidden friendship and why they let the previous martial saint krasic die ? … hopefuly it gets answered eventually… i guess yassin Maybe used a technique wich reduced his life and power for a time and if overcome make him become more powerful like a nirvana but i m not sure .. thats the guess i have so far … will see)

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