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Hail the King Chapter 873.1

Chapter 873: Chaotic Grey Energy Layer (Part One)

As Fei was stunned, the terrifying phenomenon was getting more and more intense

Flashing lightning bolts, leaping flares, cracking icebergs, collapsing hills, flowing rivers, jumping metal elements… In fact, even the terrifying chaotic elements which only existed in legends appeared.

All the natural elements that created this world appeared within 1,000 kilometers around Emperor Yassin in an unimaginable manner.

The various natural elements continued to gather, collide, explode, collapse, and wither in cycles. Like a piece of rice paper, space was torn into pieces before slowly coming back together with the help of the limited laws of nature. The cycles continued again and again.

Even peak Full Moon Elites could be disintegrated into basic natural elements and die if they got close to this.

This scene was similar to the Heavenly Tribulations of cultivators that Fei had read in the cultivation novels on Earth.

It meant that once the power of humans reached the threshold that was allowed by nature, nature would try to destroy them regardless which world or realm they were in. Only people who could pass through the tribulation could be called real masters and deserved to obtain a higher-level power.

This sudden change shocked everyone on the battlefield, and they didn’t know what to expect.

The ordinary soldiers and low-level warriors on the defense wall couldn’t understand the meaning of this, and they subconsciously thought that the two powerful enemies of Zenit launched powerful strikes, sneak-attacking Emperor Yassin.

As a result, a series of gasps sounded, and worry filled their faces.

Even people like the Elder Prince, the Elder Princess, and Demonic Woman were concerned.

However, they realized something after a short pause and all looked toward Fei. Right now, only the King of Chambord who could rival those three figures in the sky had the authority to validate their guesses.

When they saw Fei’s expression, they instantly understood what was happening.

Not even the slightest of worry could be seen on the face of the Imperial Martial Saint. Instead, he looked stunned! This was the first time that they saw such an expression on Fei’s face.

Even this unparalleled master who was dominating and invincible was stunned; it was enough to prove a lot of things.

At this moment, people like Arshavin and Tanasha froze, and they felt like their hearts stopped moving.

They understood the magnitude of the situation if their guesses were correct.

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D’Alessandro and Kerimov were top-tier masters, and they instantly saw through what was happening to Emperor Yassin. As they shrilled, they couldn’t believe what they were seeing as if two men saw their wives cheating on them with their neighbors.

“Hahahaha! Yassin is inferior to no one!”

Emperor Yassin who had been very calm until this moment suddenly became high-spirited as if he turned from a block of ice into a pool of lava. His battle-hunger and aggressive temperament made others feel like a flame was coming at them fast.

The famous saying that dominated the Northern Region of Azeroth ‘Yassin is inferior to no one’ was chanted, and Emperor Yassin dashed toward the two powerful masters like a moving volcano as the terrifying natural elements spun around him like a storm with fire, water, ice, lightning, stone, and chaotic elements.

“Attack! Kill him! We can’t let him successfully pass nature’s challenge that leads to the Demi-God Realm!” D’Alessandro shouted with his dark expression as he gritted his teeth.

“Right! If this butcher becomes a demi-god, none of us can leave here alive!” Kerimov also made up his mind under pressure.

He knew the situation too well. In this circumstance where he completely flipped out on Zenit, he could die if Emperor Yassin became a demi-god, and the Anji Empire might be turned into dust as well. D’Alessandro might be able to survive by relying on Continental Martial Saint Maradona, but he would be done.

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  1. DirganDS

    From moon class to Demi god? So fast! It even faster that fei himself

  2. fraftlle

    I feel like Yassin never took the natures challenges for Sun class but instead found a way to avoid it for the time being and is not taking it on top of the demi-god natures challenge

    • Bbg55

      He probably suppressed it like Lampard did before Fei’s wedding, also pretty sure Fei kept his nature’s challenge suppressed by being in the Mythical Palace under Dual-Flags city, since the challenge didn’t occur but he got to the strength of Half-Moon Elite.

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