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Hail the King Chapter 873.2

Chapter 873: Chaotic Grey Energy Layer (Part Two)

These two powerful masters knew that there was no way back for them, and they had to unleash their full strength and stop Emperor Yassin from passing nature’s challenge; they had a consensus.

They were planning to ‘help out’ when the natural elements attacked Emperor Yassin, completely taking out this man before he could become a demi-god.

“Ending of All Gods! God-Slaying Scroll!”

Using the semi-god-tier combat weapon [Star Mark] as a medium, D’Alessandro used his powerful strike again. The power of this one strike that was from a Mythical Technique had increased by dozens of times under the empowerment of the semi-god-tier combat weapon, almost breaking the threshold of peak Burning Sun Realm.

The fancy and thin silver sword turned into two before multiplying to four, eight, and so on and so forth until there were so many swords that they were uncountable. Then, these swords moved around and turned into a giant fan. With destructive energy, they dashed toward the figure in the center of the natural element storm, painting a beautiful yet terrifying scene.

The power of D’Alessandro’s strike reached a horrifying level after he used the semi-god-tier combat weapon. Even if a peak Burning Sun Lord were hit, this person would be severely injured.

On the other side, Kerimov also used everything that he had.

After he transformed into a giant who was more than three meters tall, his muscles bulged and made him look like a small mountain, making others feel like he was full of power.

At the same time, layers of golden light floated under his skin, making him look like a demonic god. As he shouted, the red runes on the giant white bone brightened up as if they had been engraved on it, and they ended up creating images of prehistoric beasts while b-----l roars continued to sound from it.

As Kerimov struck out, his energies traveled through the giant bone and shot out phantoms of various beasts that existed in the Mythical Era toward Emperor Yassin.

All of this happened in a flash.

In a split second, the natural element storm enveloped the three powerful masters, and the various elements such as wind, lightning, fire, water, and earth collided with each other and exploded, creating a chaotic grey energy layer between them and other people.

As if a mystical sandstorm were occurring, people’s vision was cut, and they couldn’t see what was happening more than 500 meters away.

That chaotic grey energy storm looked like a pillar which connected to the sky. Even a tiny speck of dust from it could destroy a peak Moon-Class Elite.

Fortunately, under the guidance of the laws of nature and Emperor Yassin, this deadly ‘sandstorm’ didn’t move toward St. Petersburg.

Various-colored energies and explosions appeared inside this chaotic grey energy storm.

No one could see the battle from the outside, and they didn’t know who had the advantage. As a result, they could only hold their breath and wait for the outcome of this mythical battle.

Both Tanasha and Paris couldn’t do anything with their intelligence, and they frowned and waited anxiously.

Elder Prince Arshavin walked back and forth, and his black metal armor created a series of metal-grinding noises, making others even more anxious.

The nobles and soldiers were trying their best to observe, and their necks and half of their bodies extended out of the battlement.

The entire battle lasted for three hours.

Finally, a loud explosion sounded, and the natural elements seemed to weaken. A shocking energy fluctuation appeared in the chaotic grey energy storm, and two figures flew out of it like two meteors; they were D’Alessandro and Kerimov.

“Hahahaha! Now, you are dead for sure! Hahahaha!” D’Alessandro laughed arrogantly.

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  1. The author kept saying earlier that the main strength of a sun class lord comes from their sun thingy, how come no one uses them?

    • I guess it is because it is hard to pull other masters in? LOL.

      • they could run away with it or draw power from it tho

        • Your talking about Sun anomlys. Those can’t be used to run away there a separate dimension where your for can’t regenerate and they lose power. Yeah they are not supposy to be easy to use

    • mandorain

      Yeah you basically have too catch your opponent slippen our you’re gonna be the one too get jacked up while your trying too cast it.

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