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Hail the King Chapter 874.2

Chapter 874: What Is Happening? (Part Two)

“This is impossible!” This was Fei’s first reaction. “Emperor Yassin isn’t someone who would act arrogant and careless, and he would never engage in a battle that he isn’t sure of. Even though he was fighting two Sun-Class Lords who are on his level, he should be at least able to get out alive if he wants to. How can he be injured so severely? A semi-god-tier weapon penetrated his heart; even a peak Burning Sun Lord would die from this… What happened in there?”

Fei waved his hand, and a vast energy flew out, blocking the members of the Royal Family such as Arshavin and Tanasha from doing anything irrational. Then, he dashed forward and appeared by Emperor Yassin’s side.

Faint golden blood traveled through the blood groove on [Star Mark], and it started to flow faster and faster like a fountain.

A large amount of blood falling from the sky contained the energy of a peak Burning Sun Lord; one drop of such blood could kill a peak Full Moon Elite. Since the blood also contained some laws of nature, they burned deep holes on the ground when they landed. As if liquefied metal were dropped onto a snowfield, these drops of blood only disappeared after they burned holes that were more than 1,000 meters deep on the ground.

Fei wanted to help Emperor Yassin stop the bleeding.

However, it was useless, didn’t matter if he used his own energy or the potions from Diablo World.

With D’Alessandro’s [Star Mark] stabbed inside Emperor Yassin’s body, it seemed like a terrifying beast was devouring and destroying Emperor Yassin’s Sun-Class Core. Also, it was pushing out Emperor Yassin’s blood, trying its best to wreck his body.

However, Fei couldn’t pull out this fancy and thin sword. If he did that, Emperor Yassin’s body would instantly be shattered into dust before disappearing.

“What should I do?” Even though Fei lived on Earth and Azeroth, he didn’t know how to handle the situation, and he was sweating a lot.

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Further away, Maradona’s second disciple D’Alessandro and Emperor Kerimov of Anji both laughed arrogantly, not hiding their pride and thrill at all. Like a knife, their laughter stabbed into the hearts of Zenitians.

D’Alessandro looked at Fei and said with a mocking smile, “Hahaha! My semi-god-tier combat weapon penetrated this old Yassin’s heart! He is dead for sure! Even if a god appears, he can’t be saved! Hahaha! Today’s battle is over! The outcome is already determined! The Zenit Empire will collapse.”

“That is right! Today, we will destroy the Zenit Empire! Not a single trace of bloodline will be left! The entire Northern Region of Azeroth will be the territory of my Anji Empire! Hahaha! My dream will soon come to life! Hahaha!” As if his mental burden were lifted off, Kerimov also laughed crazily like a beast that had no humanity in it.

Groans and cries sounded on the defense wall.

Fei clearly sensed that Emperor Yassin’s body was getting colder and colder by the second, and that vast, ocean-like life energy was as weak as the candlelight, looking as if he were going to die at any moment.

“You are all dead!”

Fei’s eyes got all red, and the intense murderous spirit dashed out of his eyes. The earth-shaking level of murderous spirit that he accumulated in Diablo World was no longer suppressed, and it was all unleashed. Images of corpse mountains and blood seas appeared behind Fei as he roared in a rage.

At this moment, Fei felt extremely sad as if he lost a loved one. The anger and sadness that he was feeling couldn’t be suppressed; it was uncontrollable as it felt like it was coming from his soul!

Just as Fei was about to attack his enemies, a low murmur sounded by his ear, “Don’t battle; just guard my body.”

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