Chapter 875: Death or Rebirth? (Part One)

Although this voice was quiet, it sounded louder than a giant bell to Fei.

This voice was from Emperor Yassin’s body that had already turned cold.

In the first second, Fei thought that he was mishearing things.

However, he quickly sensed the changes that were happening in Emperor Yassin’s body.

This body had turned completely cold. All the blood flowed out, and the internal organs were all shattered by [Star Mark], the semi-god-tier combat weapon, turning into dust and meat paste.

However, the strange thing was that even though it seemed like this body lost all its power, it was still floating in the sky, not falling. Also, there was a streak of weak yet persistent life energy that wasn’t willing to leave Emperor Yassin’s body, trying to hold it up.

“This…” Fei’s face changed color; he sensed the massive potential behind this streak of weak life energy.

After calming down from the shock and putting away his murderous spirit, the images of corpse mountains and blood seas disappeared. Fei unleashed all his power and guarded Emperor Yassin’s corpse.

Now, the two masters who were further away sensed something, and their faces changed color as well.

“The situation is strange…” D’Alessandro frowned as he sensed the strange feedback that [Star Mark] passed back to him.

“Could it be that this b*stard can still resurrect after being injured this severely?” Although Emperor Kerimov spoke with a doubtful tone, his expression turned serious. After a pause, he added, “Let’s destroy his body! Then, we can see how he could possibly turn the situation around!”

After looking at each other, D’Alessandro and Kerimov turned into two terrifying beams of light and attacked Fei after tearing through the sky.

Fei slightly bent his knees, clenched his fists, and pulled back his arms. As he did that, roars sounded from Fei’s fists as if the Battle God were communicating through them, making his opponents sense a fear which made their souls shake; this effect was extremely similar to the Barbarian Skill – [Howl].

Invincible Emperor Fist – One Strike to Kill!

Fei swung his fists, and two golden energy fists flew out and attacked the two masters.

As the golden energy fists flew forward, air-piercing noises turned into howls of the Battle God, and waves of terrifying power moved outward and got close to the enemies.

This was the evolved version of Invincible Emperor Fist.

Before, Fei had to use the Barbarian Skill – [Howl] before he could use this strike, meaning that he had to roar himself.

However, after witnessing Emperor Yassin’s Dragon Fist and getting inspired, and observing this great man’s nature’s challenge of Demi-God Realm, Fei had an epiphany, and his Invincible Emperor Fist that he created a long time ago finally improved.

Such improvement didn’t only mean that he no longer had to shout and use [Howl]. Instead, the effect of [Howl] was completely integrated into this fist technique. The power of this technique increased by many times, and it was profound; another Mythical Technique was in its infancy stage.

The golden energy fists flew across the sky like meteors.

Even though both D’Alessandro and Kerimov were stronger than Fei, their minds were affected by the terrifying power, and they were stunned for a moment.

Since they were distracted, and they were quite injured during the battle with Emperor Yassin when the natural element storm also hit them, they were knocked back by Fei’s energy fists.

“Damn it!”

“F*ck off!”

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