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Hail the King Chapter 875.2

Chapter 875: Death or Rebirth? (Part Two)

The two masters shouted in anger, and they were embarrassed at the same time. After backing off for a few meters, they charged up even more fiercely and violently. They each used their most powerful strike, and the warrior energy flames burned aggressively. Since they were so fast, two bright tails of light appeared behind them.

The powerful energy surges created two tornado dragons, and they flew around Fei and Emperor Yassin while roaring and pressuring.

After dozens of minutes, the situation changed again.

Fei’s real strength was a Hell Mode level 79 Barbarian, which was equivalent to the low-tier Burning Sun Realm. After all, his power level was lower than those two masters, and he was fighting a one-vs-two battle. Even though these two masters were injured, Fei still couldn’t completely ignore their energies.

While they were fighting, D’Alessandro found an opportunity and moved pass Fei, attacking Emperor Yassin’s body without hesitation.

“Damn it!” Fei was terrified, and his defense dropped, allowing Kerimov’s strike to hit his body. Then, he flashed forward and blocked D’Alessandro’s attack in a hurry.

D’Alessandro’s punch made Fei instantly puke blood. After finally stepping into the Sun-Class Realm, it seemed like Fei’s body didn’t change much. His blood was still red, but the energy contained in the drops of blood wasn’t much inferior compared to the other three masters; those drops of blood were enough to kill many peak Full Moon Elites.

This fist strike from D’Alessandro severely injured Fei, and the situation got turned around again.

In order to protect Emperor Yassin’s body from the strikes, Fei got struck repeatedly, and terrifying dents and bruises appeared on his body. It looked like he was a metal statue that was smashed by many mighty iron hammers. The dents and damages looked shocking.

Even though this was the case, Fei wasn’t willing to back off.

For some reason, that mystical energy appeared inside Fei’s mind again and again; it was an emotion that Fei couldn’t control. This feeling told him that even if he died, he had to protect the body behind him and not let it suffer any injuries. Otherwise, he would regret it for the rest of his life.

After being injured repeatedly, Fei’s situation got worse, and all kinds of openings and weaknesses appeared on him.

As soon as this happened, Fei looked fatigued and couldn’t keep up in less than ten minutes.

D’Alessandro punched out again, sending an energy dragon pass Fei and toward Emperor Yassin’s body.

This time, Fei couldn’t stop it anymore.

Just as Emperor Yassin’s body was about to be smashed into pieces, a mystical change appeared. The dragon-like energy fist that was making a lot of noises suddenly disappeared when it was about ten meters away from Emperor Yassin’s body as if it never existed.

The dragon-like energy fist, which was more than ten meters long and had a faint-silver glare, instantly disappeared in less than one second. Even though it was powerful enough to shatter mountains, it was gone as if it entered another space.

“This…” D’Alessandro was shocked; he could no longer sense his energy and aura of his energy fist. He had lost complete connection to it.

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“This is impossible… could it… be a realm?” Emperor Kerimov’s voice shook; he had sensed that trace of unbearable pressure already.

Like mice who saw a cat, the two of them instantly fled as if they were electrocuted. They completely ditched Fei and ran for more than 1,000 meters. They only stopped in fear after they were out by a safe distance in their minds, and they looked back at Emperor Yassin’s cold body in the sky doubtfully.

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