Chapter 876: The Birth of a God (Part One)

At this moment, Fei’s mind also reacted.

Realm; this word was unique on the Azeroth Continent. Every master in this world heard of this word before, but it was way beyond their league and not reachable. It was something that only belonged to god-tier masters.

Sun-Class Lords could create Sun-Class Anomalies using their understanding of laws of nature, but these Sun-Class Anomalies were small spaces created in the void. As long as one could break these small spaces, the people in them could jump out and return to the normal world.

The power of realms was on another level. Realms were beyond the laws of nature.

The masters beyond the Sun-Class Realm could look down on the world, and they could live for an eternity. They could alter and change all the laws of nature, and this world no longer bound them.

As long as they had enough godly power, they could envelop the entire world in their realms. Any of their opponents inside the realms would be weak like fish of out the water and tigers drowning in the ocean. They would no longer have access to the natural elements in the world, becoming unfamiliar with everything around them and as powerless as a child.

“Could it… Could it be that Emperor Yassin successfully entered the Demi-God Realm? No, he died!” Fei thought to himself and couldn’t figure out what was happening.

At this moment, D’Alessandro hesitated and punched out a bit further away.

Fei was about to block it, but he suddenly changed his mind.

D’Alessandro’s powerful punch shot out a silver-dragon-like energy fist, and it howled in the sky and dashed toward Emperor Yassin with immense power.

This time, everyone got a better look at the situation. When the silver-dragon-like energy fist got within ten meters of Emperor Yassin’s corpse, it started to disintegrate into the basic natural elements. This process was so fast that it looked like the silver-dragon-like energy fist got teleported into another world, completely disappearing.

It was indeed a realm.

In this world, only the power of a realm could destroy such as a terrifying strike this easily.

Just as everyone was shocked, something even stranger suddenly occurred.

The last drop of Emperor Yassin’s blood flowed out of his body along the blood groove of [Star Mark], the semi-god-tier combat weapon, dropping toward the ground.

It seemed like the end of a cycle yet the beginning of a new one. As soon as that drop of golden blood left the thin sword, [Star Mark] suddenly started to buzz.

Under the terrified gazes of everyone, the fancy and thin sword started to vibrate and shake violently. In the end, the vibration was so strong that even masters like D’Alessandro and Fei couldn’t see it. Right now, no one could stare at this sword anymore. They felt like their bodies were about to be tear apart, and they felt dizzy. If the mysterious power of a realm didn’t envelop the area, the entire space within hundreds of kilometers of St. Petersburg would have been shattered by this strong vibration.

This vibration lasted for about 30 seconds. Then, it suddenly disappeared.

After people looked up, they instantly saw [Star Mark]. Like a beautiful female celebrity who took off all her makeup, the bright sword became dim, and the smooth, mirror-like body became crude. Spider-web-like cracks appeared all over its body, and it looked like it was going to be turned into dust and blown away by the wind.

This semi-god-tier combat weapon got all its godly essence sucked away.

“AH!” D’Alessandro screamed, and a blood arrow shot out of his mouth. He was connected to this weapon by blood and spirit, and he experienced a severe backlash as this combat weapon was destroyed.


As if a porcelain jar were smashed, [Star Mark] finally turned into a cloud of dust, and it slowly dissipated.

This was a semi-god-tier combat weapon, and it was enough to become the most precious treasure of any empire below level 6. However, it got destroyed just like that.

Everything happened so fast that people didn’t get the chance to be surprised.

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