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Hail the King Chapter 877.1

Chapter 877: Abilities of A God (Part One)

Fei was surprised.

He felt like his body froze, and he no longer had control over it. In the next moment, warm currents rushed into his body as if a dam released held-up water onto a dry riverbed.

As if his body were showered in spring drizzle, all the cells in Fei’s body were nurtured. This sensation was even more comfortable compared to the level-ups in Diablo World.

When Fei battled the two masters, D’Alessandro and Emperor Kerimov, he was quite injured; almost all his bones and muscles were shattered. Under the nurturance of these warm currents, all his injuries were recovering fast. In just a few seconds, he was back to his prime.

However, Fei clearly sensed that the warm currents condensed into his abdomen after healing him, forming into a golden seed and deeply rooting into his body.

This was a seed that contained the powerful energy of a demi-god. If Fei could understand it and comprehend all its power, he would be able to activate it and make it into his own energy; it could have an immeasurable effect on Fei’s cultivation path. With its great boost, it helped Fei open a slit in the gate to the Demi-God Realm. To any warrior, this was a great opportunity and tremendous fortune.

On the contrary, Fei slightly frowned.

He had a clear understanding of his injuries, and [Health Potion] and [Full Rejuvenation Potion] were enough to help him recover completely. Although Emperor Yassin was helping him recover with the demi-godly power out of good faith, it meant that the secrets about Fei’s body were completely exposed to Emperor Yassin. For any warriors, getting the secrets of their bodies understood by others was really dangerous. It meant that their weaknesses were all exposed, and they could be easily defeated.

In addition, Fei was still not sure about Emperor Yassin’s attitude toward him.

Normally speaking, all emperors would be cautious about powerful subordinates. Who could be sure that Emperor Yassin wasn’t thinking about the same thing? What if this demi-godly seed that the magnificent ruler planted inside Fei’s body was actually a time bomb?

Even though Fei was a little worried, he couldn’t do much.

In terms of both status and power, Emperor Yassin who was now a demi-god wasn’t someone that Fei could disobey.

Of course, no one was more shocked and terrified compared to D’Alessandro and Emperor Kerimov. As soon as Emperor Yassin entered the Demi-God Realm, their end was near. Two peak Burning Sun Lords couldn’t handle the power and anger of a demi-god. Although they were only divided by one level, it was the difference between a human and a god. Even the breath of a demi-god could instantly kill hundreds of thousands of people.


This was the first reaction of these two people; they didn’t even think about fighting back.

As if he didn’t even notice it, Emperor Yassin smiled at Fei like an ethereal and celestial immortal; this smile contained a complicated and indescribable emotion.

Just as Fei was about to remind him that the two enemies were about to get away, Emperor Yassin simply beckoned at the directions those two masters took off without even turning his head.

Now, the two masters had escaped for more than 100 kilometers, and no one could see them.

However, those two masters were unimaginably summoned from hundreds of kilometers away. To put it more accurately, these two masters were taken from hundreds of kilometers away instantly. It was clear that both D’Alessandro and Emperor Kerimov didn’t know what was going on. When they saw that they were back to the outside of St. Petersburg, they started to scream crazily like frightened hens.

“You can’t kill me! I’m Maradona’s disciple! If you kill me, you will be in trouble! My master was already in the Demi-God Realm hundreds of years ago! You are no match for him…” D’Alessandro shouted in panic.

Right now, he was no different from ordinary people. He dropped the name of his master, Continental Martial Saint Diego Maradona, to save his life.

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