Chapter 878: Dominating Suppression (Part One)

“Really?” Emperor Yassin smiled as he flipped his hand. “Then, let’s see what gives you this confidence.”

The scene that happened before reoccurred. However, golden metal elements appeared instead of earth elements.

After becoming a demi-god, Emperor Yassin was beyond the laws of nature and restrictions of normal natural elements. He mastered all the fundamental natural elements in the world without constraints.

As soon as those golden metal elements appeared behind Emperor Kerimov of Anji, they turned into a metal mountain and pressed him down toward the ground.

“Want to suppress me? In your dreams!” Kerimov roared at this critical moment.

A vague phantom suddenly appeared behind him, and it raised its arms and held onto the metal mountain, making the descending speed slow down for a bit.

While that happened, Kerimov turned into a dash of light and escaped from the suppression of the metal mountain.

In the next moment, the six semi-godly runes on the metal mountain blinked, and that vague phantom was instantly crushed into pieces, disappearing from the world.

Fei stood in the distance and saw everything clearly. When he saw that vague phantom, his body shook as if he saw something incredibly unimaginable!

“Is this what you are relying on? I’m greatly disappointed!”

Emperor Yassin’s loud and majestic voice resonated in the sky.

In the next moment, another metal mountain with blinding golden light appeared and pressed onto Kerimov who just escaped, dropping him toward the ground at a fast speed.

Then, the same thing happened.

A vague phantom appeared behind Kerimov and held onto the metal mountain momentarily, buying the Emperor of Anji the time to escape. Just like before, Kerimov turned into a dash of light and escaped.

Now, Fei saw that phantom again, and he was even more shocked.

“Impossible, they… how can they appear in the real world? Could it be that there is something mysterious that I don’t even know about?” This thought flashed in Fei’s mind, but he didn’t show anything on the surface as he continued to watch this battle closely.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Metal mountains appeared in the sky one after another before falling like raindrops in a massive storm. Vague phantoms continuously appeared behind Emperor Kerimov of Anji as well, helping him to slow down the metal mountains and buying him the time to escape at those split seconds.

Although Emperor Yassin only advanced to the Demi-God Realm a moment ago, the control of his power was granular and impressive. Those giant metal mountains would instantly disintegrate into metal elements after they crushed those phantoms and were just about to smash into the ground. Not a single trace was left in the area.

Those vague phantoms were mysterious, and it was hard to tell what they were. However, they had indescribable violent and murderous spirits in them, and they could slow down the metal mountains that were created by demi-godly power and strengthened by semi-godly runes; this was shocking on its own.


A trace of impatience finally appeared on Emperor Yassin’s face.

He flipped his hands again, and a metal mountain with 18 semi-godly runes on it dropped down from the sky, completely covering Emperor Kerimov. The Emperor of Anji tried to do the same thing again and raised his hands, but he wasn’t able to slow down this mountain at all.

As he screamed, he was pressed down by the metal mountain and crashed toward the ground.

In the beginning, Emperor Kerimov of Anji wasn’t that worried. Since he cultivated earth-elemental warrior energy, he might not be injured when he was pressed into the ground. On the other hand, he might have a chance at escaping using the earth elements in the ground.

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