Chapter 879: Continental Martial Saint’s Appearance (Part One)

The vague phantoms that flew out of Emperor Kerimov of Anji’s body revealed a lot of information that only Fei could understand. Since it involved the secrets around Fei, the king’s interest was piqued.

Before Kerimov died, he told everyone that there was a god behind the Anji Empire. Although no one knew the validity of this claim, Fei realized that there were profound secrets behind the sudden rise of this empire, and these secrets were probably related to him. Therefore, he asked Emperor Yassin for the permission of conquering the Anji Empire, wanting to figure out some things.

“Huh?” Emperor Yassin lowered his head and looked at Fei, and the king sensed an immense pressure. Although Emperor Yassin didn’t try to pressure Fei intentionally, the aura of a demi-god was something hard to handle.

After a short pause, Emperor Yassin nodded and said, “Ok, the Anji Empire should disappear in the Northern Region of Azeroth. It would be great if you are willing to lead the troops. Now that Kerimov is dead, no one can rival you in the Anji Empire. However, it must be pushed back for three months. After three months, you can go!”

Fei was a little surprised but quickly understood Emperor Yassin’s meaning, and he nodded in agreement.

With Emperor Kerimov of Anji killed, if Fei tried to conquer the Anji Empire right away, the people of Anji would unite instantly in anger and battle to the death, making it hard for the troops of Zenit to make fast progress. However, after three months, the people of Anji’s guard would be lowered as their anger and frustration around the death of their emperor would calm down.

With the throne empty, the ambitious characters with power would definitely start fighting among themselves, potentially creating a civil war.

With the Anji Empire divided, it would be much easier to conquer them as they couldn’t unite anymore.

Cheers instantly resonated in the area.

Now, even ordinary soldiers realized what had happened.

The news of the supreme Emperor Yassin becoming a demi-god spread among the crowd like a virus. The people who lived on this land that was ruled by the laws of the jungle all knew what it meant to have a powerful master in their empire. The appearance of a demi-god was going to have an immeasurable effect on the power dynamics in the region.

Since Emperor Yassin became a demi-god, the Zenit Empire had passed the crisis that almost destroyed the empire. Also, it meant that Zenit would have insane influence in the Northern Region of Azeroth and could dominate over others. The Leon Empire and the Ten Empire United Troops were no longer troublesome.

To civilians and low-level soldiers, the end of chaos meant that they didn’t need to face many wars anymore. They would be able to live in a relative peace region on the continent, and they didn’t need to fear for their lives that much.

Cheers and chants resonated in the region.

Emperor Yassin’s prestige was completely showcased at this moment. Although 26 years have passed, and this man’s name dimmed, Zenitians still remembered him as the legendary ruler; this was something that Fei couldn’t match.

Looking at the impressive aura of Emperor Yassin, Fei also lowered his head and admired this ruler.

With a gentle smile, Emperor Yassin lightly waved his hand, showing his majestic and dashing presence. This little response made everyone in St. Petersburg excited.

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