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Hail The King Chapter 88

Chapter 88: Discussion Behind the Back

Another mysterious man in a black cloak?

Fei heard the words and was instinctively shocked.

The mysterious person’s image in Priest Zola’s mouth immediately reminded Fei about the four-star Wood type Sorceress Evans. It was the same Sorceress Evans that was trolled to death by him previously, and she also had this black cloak style. Could there be a connection between these two? Could… this mysterious man that newly emerged be Evan’s accomplice?

Fei could only pray silently in his heart. It would be best if this dark cloak guy wasn’t related to Evans, otherwise it just meant that the Mythical Ruins map’s situation was likely known now by other people. Then, the severity of this matter would have escalated even further than the time he killed the level 4 Thunder Emperor Prince.

“The details of what happened…. Carefully tell me about everything again.” Fei’s eyes were like thunder, and directly looking at [Two Legged Bald Rattle Snake] Zola, he said without any room for compromise, “Not even the slightest omission is allowed, otherwise… you’ll know the consequences.”

“Yes yes yes, I definitely won’t dare to conceal anything from you, sir.”

Zola kept nodding and groveling with an ingratiating smile as he explained the whole story from beginning to end.

He and Luciano hid in St. Petersburg for sometime, and later when they heard that the Black Armor Army had retreated, they immediately went back to Chambord. After all, in Chambord, these two were still considered two kings, and they could get wind if they wanted wind and get rain if they wanted rain. But at Zenit Empire’s capital St. Petersburg, they was only the little eunuch besides the emperor – two insignificant figures.

But on the way back, their path was blocked by a mysterious man in a black cloak that suddenly appeared. That black cloaked man demonstrated superior strength, and the 3 star priest and 3 star knight both couldn’t compete with them. Fortunately, this man did not hold animosity towards them, and instead actually revealed a very important piece of news to Zola: during the stone bridge battle in the city of Chambord, there were traces of weak necromancer magic.

The word “weak” in the black cloak man’s mouth suddenly caused Zola and Luciano to light up, as necromancer magic was the most intolerable magic in the presence of the Holy Church, and if the two could find out what had happened and catch the weak necromancer, they would definitely be heavily rewarded, and their place in the Holy Church might be promoted one more step.

As for the later indiscriminate arrests after entering the city, that was actually just Zola exaggerating the issue. One side was crazily gathering wealth, and they also knew that because they didn’t help with the defense when the city was under the Black Armor army’s siege and instead found an excuse and escaped from the city, that inevitably led the Holy Church in losing prestige in Chambord, so they wanted to re-establish authority again.

It was just that they maintained their domineering act for too long. Even though it was the [Two Legged Bald Rattle Snake]’s idea, not only was it the wrong method to  appease the people, but more surprisingly, this method had actually further promoted conflict.

“So, the two of You don’t know that black cloaked man’s identity as well? You didn’t even get to see his real face?” After hearing Rattle Snake Zola’s honest report, Fei frowned and asked.

“Yes your honor, that mysterious man is really strong, at least around 4 star. Luciano and I originally indeed wanted to capture him to ask him more questions in detail, but we were both not his match…” When Zola said that, he suddenly became a little embarrassed, and the bearded knight leader Luciano also nodded at the side.

Fei lowered his head and became lost in thought.

Another unpredictable four star power was the Black Cloak Sorceress with an unknown past. Listening to the story made him feel like he was somehow connected with Evans who died in the dungeon prison. That made Fei secretly scared, and he felt like he might’ve poked a hornet’s nest… However, he also faintly felt as if he had ignored something, or rather someone.

When Fei was in Necromancer mode, he only used two skills, [Teeth] and [Corpse Explosion], but both skills were all completed within 3 to 4 seconds, and it was later followed by the stone bridge breaking, so all the evidence should have been sunk into the Zuli river, so theoretically no one could find out, unless there was a pro observing the battle on the stone bridge. If that really was the case, then the mysterious black cloaked man mentioned by Zola should also have been at the scene. However, the question was here again. If he really was at the scene and saw his accomplice Evans getting arrested, he would never have just ignored it. With his four star power, he could’ve definitely won the game in an instant… In other words, this mysterious black cloaked man seemed unlikely to be Evans’ associate.

But, who else could he be?

“You guys are dismissed for now.”

Fei thought for a while but couldn’t find any clue, so he waved his hand to send Zola and Luciano away, hesitated for a second, and then said again, “The thing about the necromancer, this is the end of it; you don’t need to investigate any further. The stakes involved this time is not something you two can imagine. I will personally take care of it. If you guys investigate on your own rashly, alert the enemy and screw up my plan, when the wrath of His Holiness arrives, on the Ten Thousand Flow Summit’s Fire Pillar, two seats will be saved for you two.”

This time Fei completely took advantage of the matter and exaggerated to get away with what he did under a camouflage.

Since Zola and Luciano already mistook him to be a big shot from above, Fei simply took the tiger skin and casually placed it on himself. According to Fei’s original plan, he planned to find an opportunity to secretly get rid of these two guys. But in this situation, perhaps keeping Zola and Luciano would yield magical results later on.

After hearing Fei’s words, Zola immediately nodded and bowed and assured him, “Your honor, you may rest assured. Luciano and I definitely won’t get involved with this matter at all… In the future, if your honor has any commands, feel free to order us, Chambord’s Holy Church is willing to contribute all of its effort for your honor.”

“Well, you two did well. On the matter of finding traces of the necromancer, I will credit you guys. When this case is done, after we finish my training here and return back to Divine Mountain Ten Thousand Flow Summit, you guys will naturally be rewarded.” Fei first smacked them with a few big sticks, then threw them some sweet candy, (TL: referring to the way he treated them), and in order to pretend more realistically, he even started addressing himself as “we”.

Zola and Luciano were both rejoiced after hearing those words, suddenly feeling that their future was as bright as ever. They kowtowed again and again, humbly kneeling down to kiss Fei’s boots, and then joyfully exited the king’s hall.

Fei returned to his throne and thought, the identity of this black cloaked man was too mysterious with there not being a single clue, so he decided that he might as well not think about it, and summoned the prison official to the hall and whispered a few orders.

After returning to the church, Zola and Luciano dismissed all followers and quietly came to a secret chamber behind the Holy Church’s chamber.

This is where Zola and Luciano discussed important things.

“Priest Zola, are you sure that this Alexander guy who used to be an idiot, is a big shot from the headquarter?” The bearded knight leader was really distressed about those magic scrolls and sorcerer’s stones he had to hand over, as he frowned and asked. Previously, the decision to give gifts to Alexander was made by Zola, and it was still a little hard for Luciano to accept Zola’s judgement.

“This… I’m not 100% sure either.”

After returning to the church, the Rattlesnake Zola revealed a superior haughty demeanor. He stood in front of the chamber’s God Father statue with his back facing Luciano. The secret chamber was densely lit by candles. The candle lights flickered, and Zola drew a Holy Cross on his chest and then slowly turned around and said, “But, don’t forget that today the Double Golden [War Ring] Alexander cast today cannot be doubted. You can also feel the terrifying holy power contained by the ring right? It’s possible that even under Zenit Pope Sergiyeli’s crown, one wouldn’t have such a pure holy force.”

“That’s true too, but both you and I know, according to the information we had from before, Alexander was nothing but a r----d since he was born. He had been stupid for nearly 17 years, so how could he be a [Darling of the God]?”

Luciano was still a bit uncertain.

“That’s exactly what I’m suspicious of too… However, think of the day when the Holy Church judged the Paladin’s number one pro Holy Knight Charing. Before his fame, just because both of his legs were disabled, he was also considered an idiot. And also, the Martial Art God Maradona who even His Holiness had to be a bit courteous towards, for all those years his crazy actions weren’t different from an idiot. In the vast mysterious continent of Azeroth, there were too many cases like this, so maybe Alexander was just pretending to be a r----d in the past…”

Then, a rare look of horror flashed past Zola’s eyes, and he slowly continued and said, “Old man, I suddenly have a terrible premonition. Chambord seems to be containing a secret we don’t know. We may have rolled onto a matter that we shouldn’t know… Just like what Alexander said himself, maybe he is really carrying out His Holiness’s order and is secretly investigating something.”

After Zola finished, a fleeting trace of coldness shined in his eyes and his entire person became very depressed.

“After talking for this long, you weren’t sure of Alexander’s true identity either?” The bearded knight leader became a little anxious, “Then why didn’t we act after observed for a little longer? You insisted on not waiting to deliver the gifts. What a pity, that box of precious sorcerer’s stones and those magic scrolls. There was even a black scroll of mysterious origin, and it could very likely be a rare forbidden scroll.”

“You are wrong. Timing can be met but can’t be expected or asked. Once missed, you will regret forever.”


Translated by Cucumber Strips, forgive any discrepancies in wording and sht plzzz

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