Chapter 880: A Reply (Part One)

When the battle at the bottom of the sea reached its climax, Maradona’s vague shadow suddenly descended from the sky and took back the god-tier combat weapon that D’Alessandro dropped and had been picked up by Evil Sea God Kluivert.

Although Fei only got a quick glimpse back then, this Continental Martial Saint left a deep impression on the king’s mind. That was the first time Fei saw this man who was known as the most powerful human, and the king experienced ultimate power.

Back then, Maradona’s vague shadow could easily take back that god-tier combat weapon from Evil Sea God Kluivert’s hands. How powerful was Maradona? Fei wasn’t sure, but he knew that this man was at least a demi-god.

Now, Maradona came here on his own! It was clear that he was here for his second disciple, D’Alessandro.

Almost as soon as Maradona stopped in the air, Emperor Yassin raised his hand and punched out instead of greeting this man

In the next moment, a series of dragon roars resonated in the sky.

When facing D’Alessandro and Emperor Kerimov of Anji, Emperor Yassin used his godly realm and easily defeated his opponents. However, he didn’t dare to underestimate this man who just appeared, and he used his most powerful technique, [Dragon Fist].

When Emperor Yassin used [Dragon Fist] this time, it was very different from before.

After becoming a demi-god, Emperor Yassin’s control of power and understanding of the laws of nature reached another level. When Emperor Yassin punched out, a five-clawed golden dragon flew out of his fists as dragon roars sounded. This energy dragon looked like a real creature. No energy was spilled out, and it dashed forward rapidly to attack the opponent even though it seemed slow.

The pose and the light of [Dragon Fist] seemed weaker compared to when Emperor Yassin was at the peak Burning Sun Realm, but the power contained in this strike was many times more intense.

At least, Fei was sure that he would be turned into dust if he were lightly tapped by this five-clawed golden dragon.

In fact, he wasn’t even sure if [Immortal King’s Stone Crusher], which was indestructible, could block Emperor Yassin’s strike.

However, it seemed like Maradona wasn’t surprised by Emperor Yassin’s sudden attack.

He raised his slightly-fat arms and opened his hands before pressing forward.


Everyone felt like the world shook slightly at this moment.

Then, the space between the two started to become unstable, looking like boiling water. This entire process lasted about 30 seconds, and then everything went back to normal and silent as if nothing had happened.

Only Fei could see that the space between the two masters was destroyed and recreated numerous times. It was a battle between godly powers, and the eyes of mortals couldn’t catch it.

“Continental Martial Saint, you sure deserve your name.” Emperor Yassin backed off one step and said with a serious expression.

On the other side, Maradona didn’t show any reaction to their fight. With a slight shake of his body, he reached out his hand and grasped downward. The transparent energy turned into a giant hand and dashed toward the mountain that was locking down D’Alessandro.

It seemed like Maradona’s mission for this trip was to rescue his disciple

With a snort, Emperor Yassin waved his hand, and a streak of dragon-shaped warrior energy struck Maradona’s energy hand and turned it into bits.

With his action blocked, Maradona directly flew down onto the mountain, and he appeared at the peak of this mountain in a split second.

With a blow of air, this mountain was turned into a cloud of orange flames before dispersing into the area. The six semi-godly runes on the mountain couldn’t stop Maradona for one bit.

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