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Hail the King Chapter 880.2

Chapter 880: A Reply (Part Two)

Now, D’Alessandro, who was pressed under this mountain, was rescued.

“Master! Hahaha! You are here to save me! This Old Yassin is too arrogant! He even disrespected you by imprisoning me here! He is for sure coming after your title as the Continental Martial Saint…” D’Alessandro was elated that he got out, and he instantly started to instigate.

“How dare you!” Emperor Yassin roared; he was clearly enraged by Maradona’s attitude and action as the Continental Martial Saint ignored him.

After taking one step forward, Emperor Yassin raised his arms and punched out. The dragon roars resonated in the region again, and a five-clawed golden dragon appeared as well. This attack was targeted at D’Alessandro, who was in Maradona’s hands! In fact, Emperor Yassin wanted to kill the person who Maradona was rescuing!

However, Maradona’s body flashed, and he easily dodged this attack. Faced with the many golden energy dragons created by [Dragon Fist], Maradona didn’t defend but only backed off. At the same time, his left hand shook, and a force gushed out.

Then, a series of cracking noises sounded followed by D’Alessandro’s screams. Streaks of faint-silver energy rushed out of D’Alessandro’s body like the stars in the sky.

Emperor Yassin was a little surprised, and he took one step back. The dragon roars instantly died down, and the energy fists which chased after Maradona also disappeared.

D’Alessandro’s screams resonated in the sky.

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“Master… you… ah… you destroyed my warrior energy… Ah! Why? How? Why are you doing this?”

D’Alessandro’s peak Burning Sun warrior energy was thick, and it was hard to estimate how lucky he had gotten during his cultivation and how long he spent on cultivation. However, this top-tier master was turned into a wastrel by his master.

“I simply took back what I taught you. From now on, you have no connection to the Continental Martial Saint Mountain.” Maradona finally opened his mouth for the first time after coming here. Even though his voice sounded peaceful, he was determined.

After Maradona let go, a gentle energy carried D’Alessandro who was now a wastrel onto the ground.

Maradona sighed, “Ah! I really hoped you were still that kid 100 years ago who was willing to share half of your bread with your friends in that stormy night. I was touched by you and took you in as a disciple. Now, it seems like I did the wrong thing and harmed you.”

As if a lightning bolt struck him, D’Alessandro sat on the ground with a blank mind. It seemed like he was recalling something and had forgotten how to howl and cry.

In the sky, Maradona looked at Emperor Yassin and asked, “Emperor of Zenit, are you satisfied with my reply?”

Emperor Yassin nodded.

The Continental Martial Saint had his dignity, and he wouldn’t allow others to punish his disciples. Only he could take back their power as it came from him.


As Emperor Yassin nodded, a faint noise sounded as if a bubble popped. Maradona’s figure suddenly disappeared from the region.

Emperor Yassin was stunned at first, and his face changed color.

Fei was also stunned at this moment. He suddenly realized that the ‘Maradona’ who had just appeared was only like a phantom, the same as the one that appeared at the bottom of the sea.

However, this phantom wasn’t weaker than Emperor Yassin who was now a demi-god, and he had a mind of his own and a physical body.

Even though Emperor Yassin was now powerful, he didn’t sense this until the very end.

“How powerful is Maradona?”

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