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Hail the King Chapter 881.1

Chapter 881: Aftermath (Part One)

The battle outside St. Petersburg ended quickly; no one expected this at all.

Many people were waiting for Zenit to become a laughingstock of the continent, hoping that this empire that was full of potential could be destroyed and buried in blood and bones. The empires close to Zenit already moved their troops to the borders, waiting to fight for Zenit’s territory after the Royal Family of Zenit was wiped out.

Once news about the conquering of St. Petersburg spread out, they would instantly divide Zenit’s territory like a bunch of ants eating away an elephant.

However, the ending was dramatic.

Instead of being destroyed, Zenit obtained a demi-god during this process.

This news was spread in the region like a tornado.

Once a demi-god appeared, all heroes would shiver in fear.

For a moment, the empires that had troops close by the borders and were ready to invade Zenit were terrified by the news, and their emperors were scared. They instantly removed the soldiers from the area and imprisoned the nobles who suggested such operations before traveling tens of thousands of kilometers to bring the criminals and a lot of gifts to St. Petersburg, trying to garner forgiveness.

At the same time, the Ten Empire United Troops, including the Leon Empire, instantly retreated and left Zenit overnight. In only four days, the war in the southern region of Zenit ended, and the territories were reclaimed.

Without a choice, those ten empires all announced their defeat and sent envoys to St. Petersburg. Along with a ton of treasures, those envoys came to Zenit and expressed their empires’ willingness to compensate Zenit with a portion of their land and recognize Zenit as their leader. Even the Leon Empire that was dominant in the Northern Region of Azeroth had to drop its arrogance and sent the largest envoy group to St. Petersburg, saying that Leon was willing to become an ally with Zenit, and they could rule the Northern Region of Azeroth together.

This was the first time in the history of the Northern Region of Azeroth that the Leon Empire actively expressed their friendliness and even begged a little.

This was the power of a demi-god.

After years of laying low, Emperor Yassin who claimed to be inferior to no one reappeared and advanced to the Demi-God Realm; everyone knew that almost no one in the Northern Region of Azeroth could handle him.

Now, the most anxious and embarrassed people were those envoys who were still inside St. Petersburg. Before the big battle, they came to St. Petersburg arrogantly and put pressure on the Royal Family by asking Zenit to execute the King of Chambord, threatening to attack if their demands were not met.

Now, it seemed like they turned from overlords to slaves. Even if they acted low-key now, it was useless.

When the news of Zenit obtaining victory came through, the envoys who hid inside their hotels couldn’t believe their ears!

After checking multiple times and making sure that the news wasn’t wrong, all the envoys wanted to dig holes in the ground before burying themselves in there. They hated themselves for appearing inside the Zenit Empire.

These envoys were gritting their teeth and waiting for the victory of D’Alessandro, No.2 Disciple of the Continental Martial Saint; that was the only way they could get revenge.

Now, they had to gather together in fear and try to come up with a new plan. In the end, they arrived at one conclusion: they had to surrender to Zenitians and beg for mercy; this was the only possible way of staying alive and getting their empires out of trouble.

If they made mistakes and caused their empires’ destruction, they would be guilty forever.

When they walked out of the Hotel District, they realized that everything changed too fast.

The officials of Zenit who bowed to them and greeted them with respect now looked at them like unwanted dogs. Even the ordinary Zenitians looked at them in disdain. When they walked up to these civilians and tried to strike a conversation, they were greeted by eye-rolls or bad eggs and rotten vegetables.

The officials of Zenit who were greedy now wouldn’t acknowledge them even if they brought a mountain of gold.

After a series of attempts, these envoys were beaten by sticks and dirtied by bad eggs, and they were all kicked out of St. Petersburg.

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