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Hail the King Chapter 881.2

Chapter 881: Aftermath (Part Two)

These envoys were all warriors, and they were quite powerful and fully armed. However, they didn’t dare to do anything even against a beggar on the street. When the civilians of Zenit chased after them and kicked them out, they didn’t dare to fight back.

In just four to five days, the news spread across the entire Northern Region of Azeroth.

All the empires were stunned, and almost all of them sent envoys to Zenit. The only exception was the Anji Empire. Since their emperor was killed in Zenit, they were put between a rock and a hard place. The death of their emperor made them the only empire that couldn’t submit to Zenit; they had to wage war against Zenit according to tradition.

However, the Anji Empire wasn’t next to the Zenit Empire. Therefore, they couldn’t send troops even after they waged war. Right now, everyone could tell that Anjians were like ants on a hot pan; they were afraid that Emperor Yassin who became a demi-god would send troops to conquer the Anji Empire. After all, the anger of a god couldn’t be taken on by humans.

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Fortunately for them, the Zenit Empire wasn’t internally peaceful. The southern region was just taken back, and a lot of things had to be managed. It seemed like the Zenit Empire didn’t have the energy to deal with them.

Those nobles who survived the cleansing operation launched by the two princes were planning to cry in front of Emperor Yassin and ask him to uphold justice, but Emperor Yassin didn’t come back to manage the empire as everyone expected. He still lived the hermit lifestyle; he didn’t see anyone and almost disappeared.

Only a series of royal orders came out of the Royal Palace.

The control over the military and administrative functions of Zenit was still in the hands of Elder Prince Arshavin, Elder Princess Tanasha, the top-tier officials, and the military officers who survived that night in the Imperial Military Headquarters. It was clear that Emperor Yassin wasn’t planning to change the power dynamics of Zenit, and it seemed like he didn’t plan to hold the creators of the [Night of Bleeding] accountable.

At the same time, Second Prince Dominguez was given a large duty, becoming the most senior decision-maker in the southern region of Zenit. He was responsible for repairing the military and administrative functions of the southern region of Zenit that had been destroyed.

As the only military leader who stayed in the territories taken by the enemies and continued to resist, King Constantine of Byzantine was also rewarded. The Byzantine Kingdom became a level 1 affiliated kingdom, and King Constantine of Byzantine became a level 2 noble of Zenit.

The battle for the throne between the two princes still seemed to be in a stalemate in outsiders’ eyes.

Both princes used the same strategy, and the young officers who were loyal and had clean backgrounds were promoted and filled the important positions in a short time.

The entire atmosphere in Zenit changed, turning from old and tired to new and fresh. It seemed like war hawks took the helm, and the empire became more direct and aggressive.

This change made the old noble families who were trying to reclaim their privileges quiet down again.

However, just as everything calmed down, some politicians who liked to gamble believed that there was more trouble. They thought that the King of Chambord and the Chambord Kingdom’s strength was too high, and they felt like Emperor Yassin wouldn’t be pleased as the ruler of the land. Therefore, they came together and made their voices heard, asking the King of Chambord who caused this crisis to be punished.

They said that the Chambord Kingdom was too powerful, and it should be restricted. In their words, all the Moon-Class Elites of Chambord should be handed to Zenit and be commanded by the Royal Family and the Imperial Military Headquarters.

These politicians’ actions were shameless.

However, some despicable characters who were used to guessing the emperors’ minds and putting their interest above the empire’s jumped out and agreed. Especially some fallen nobles; they acted righteous and created big waves in St. Petersburg.

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