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Hail the King Chapter 882.1

Chapter 882: Fei’s Thoughts (Part One)

Fei wasn’t willing to waste time on these topics that were being discussed in St. Petersburg.

The Gold Saints under the king’s command also ignored these claims. They would never leave Chambord and be loyal to the Royal Family of Zenit. If the king didn’t restrict these strongmen, they would have broken the mouths of the conspirators in St. Petersburg.

After the big battle, Fei didn’t hurry back to the Chambord Kingdom. Instead, he stayed on the Martial Saint Mountain as the Imperial Martial Saint.

It had to be noted that even though most of the corrupted nobles were cleansed in the [Night of Bleeding], ensuring Zenit’s vitality, many issues remained. For examples, many official positions were currently empty.

With Emperor Yassin, a demi-god, staying in St. Petersburg, the Capital wouldn’t get that chaotic. However, a lot of the operations and functions of the government were put on a temporary hold. As a result, many new forces reached out, trying to take this opportunity to grow. The [Letter Office] was one of those forces.

In just a couple days, Fei had met with many people.

[Young Man] Modric who was one of the two leaders of the [Letter Office] came onto the Martial Saint Mountain several times in secret, passing all the information regarding the events happening in the Northern Region of Azeroth to Fei.

It had been too long since a demi-god appeared on the continent, making many warriors doubt that the legends of demi-gods were fake. Also, many people believed that the natural elements were mutated after the Mythical Era, suppressing humans more and making it impossible to become a god.

Emperor Yassin’s performance crushed all those rumors, inciting many masters to want to become gods more and more.

The news about the birth of a new demi-god rushed around the Northern Region of Azeroth and the entire continent like storms.

Through the fast information networks of [Letter Office], Fei could almost instantly learn the reactions of the big empires in the region

At the same time, Fei spent some time and energy on teaching his second disciple, Luffy.

Fei saw Luffy’s performance during the battle of conquering the Imperial Senate, and Fei was pleased.

With the [Rubber’s Heart] Physique and the solid foundation that he obtained under [One Sword]’s strict supervision, Little Luffy was gifted at cultivating the [Rubber Fist].

It was heard that several powerful masters appeared in the Mythical Era and dominated using this fist technique. When cultivated to the highest level, the practitioners could battle gods and demons.

For three days, Fei taught Little Luffy diligently before the cliff on the Martial Saint Mountain.

This little guy was brilliant, and his strength increased more and reached peak Seven-Star after getting real combat experience and pointers from Fei.

Such elevation speed even surprised Fei.

The sun was about to set, and it dyed the entire sky red, making it look tragic and sad.

After Luffy went back to rest, Fei stood before the cliff where the former Martial Saint, Krasic, died in battle, and he was deep in thought.

Suddenly, he raised his hands.

His right arm instantly extended for more than ten meters like a spring, and his fist strike was impressive.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

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  1. Percy Soto

    Gomu gomu

  2. me, myself and i

    The hell? The author said “It had been too long since a demi-god appeared on the continent”
    And yet the level 9 empire already had a true god?

    • some of these empires has existed for thousands of years and a rue god can live forever so then it could be that this true god came to being thousands of years ago…making the statement true…no doubt this story has holes but stop trying to force more holes into it

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