Chapter 883: Please Disassemble the Chambord Kingdom (Part One)

What excited Fei more was that his guess became a reality. After he completed this quest, [Rescue on Mount Arreat], these 15 Sun-Class Barbarians now could be summoned by Fei, just like what happened after he completed the same quest in Normal Mode and Nightmare Mode.

This was something that didn’t exist in the computer game that Fei played on Earth.

Now, Fei could summon these 15 Sun-Class Barbarians daily, and each summon could last 15 minutes.

This was an insane reward!

Just imagine! If Fei wanted to, he could call over a bunch of Sun-Class Lords to battle for him, easily defeating all opponents as a group since Sun-Class Lords were still rare on Azeroth Continent.

At least for now, no one below the Burning Sun Realm could defeat him.

After completing this quest, Fei’s daily gaming limit was reached, and the king exited Diablo World.

Once returned to the real world, Fei didn’t relax; he continued to strengthen his spirit energy according to the mysterious purple scroll.

Although Fei had the golden finger, Diablo World, he didn’t lower his strict standard for himself. If there were time, Fei would try to cultivate and get stronger, walking further on the path of power in a self-torturous fashion.

In reality, Fei slept less than five hours on average per day ever since he came to Azeroth Continent. Except for taking care of the administrative duties of Chambord and battling powerful enemies, he trained and cultivated.

Diablo World was the key factor to Fei’s strength and current achievement, but his hard work couldn’t be ignored.

Standing by the edge of the cliff of the Martial Saint Mountain, Fei’s body froze and didn’t move.

It was silent in the area, and time passed by him quickly like a flowing river.

The sky turned from pitch-black to a light color.

Soon, a sliver of white appeared in the eastern sky, and St. Petersburg that had slept for the whole night gradually woke up. Fei opened his eyes at this moment as well.

He opened his mouth and exhaled a mouthful of turbid air, and he looked a little tired.

The training of spirit energy was like forging a piece of iron. If a blacksmith wanted to forge a treasure sword, this piece of iron would have to be hammered tens of thousands of times.

If Fei wanted to move his spirit energy forward, he had to train diligently and put in hard work.

In some ways, Fei and Dessler were both talented at cultivating spirit energy. Dessler had the bloodline of a hero, and he had been through a lot of hardship and still maintained his pure mind. On the other hand, Fei’s soul had traveled through time and space, merging with Alexander’s soul. Therefore, his soul was stronger than others, making him have much faster progress in spirit energy growth.

When he turned to the wooden house, he rested for about two hours, and the sky got bright.

At this moment, a messenger came to the mountain, passing the order from the Royal Family. Emperor Yassin had summoned the Imperial Martial Saint.

After thinking for a bit, Fei got down the Martial Saint Mountain in his simple white robe, and he was followed by eight masters of the Martial Saint Mountain who were left by Martial Saint Krasic.

In a measured pace, Fei walked in the city and moved toward the Royal Palace.

When he was about 500 meters away from the Royal Palace, a group of people who were wearing fancy clothes rushed out and surrounded him. They all had angry expressions on their faces.

These people were of various ages; some of them were white-haired old men, and some of them were young men.

“Who are you? How dare you block the way of Mr. Martial Saint?” One of Fei’s followers instantly walked up and shouted in alarm.

“Sir, don’t misunderstand us. We represent the wishes of the citizens; we are all citizens of Zenit…” a noble who was about 30 years old quickly explained.

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