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Hail the King Chapter 883.2

Chapter 883: Please Disassemble the Chambord Kingdom (Part Two)

This man was wearing a purple robe that was fancy but not luxurious, and his skin was fair, showing that he had maintained his look. His three streaks of goatee below his chin were fixed meticulously, making him look very gentle and wise. It was easy for others to trust him and feel imitate toward him.

However, the trace of gloominess in his eyes was hard to detect since he hid it well.

The people who came with him were all in fancy clothes, and it looked like they were all nobles. Some of them were anxious, some of them were fearful, and some of them were excited. Standing behind this purple-robed, middle-aged man, it was clear that they were up to something and blocked Fei’s path in a line.

“Citizens of Zenit?” Fei glanced at their faces and asked lightly, “Why are you blocking my way?”

“Sir, please forgive us for blocking your way; we feel anxious as well. However, for the future of the empire and you, Mr. Martial Saint, we have to do this,” the purple-robed man said with a gentle smile on his face, “Sir, my name is Grant, and the people who are here with me today are all loyal and passionate citizens of Zenit. We gathered here today for the future of Zenit, and we are here to ask Mr. Martial Saint one thing.”

Just as he said that, the people behind him all rushed up.

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Since it was already noon, and this was a busy section of the city, a lot of people walked over. Especially after people heard that Mr. Martial Saint was here, almost everyone in the area gathered around this place.

Fei frowned.

The purple-robed nobleman saw this, and a trace of joy that was hard to detect appeared in his eyes.

This scene was within his calculation; the more people around him, the better it was for him. He had studied this young man in front of him and learned that the King of Chambord valued civilians.

Therefore, he believed that the more civilians he could attract, the more likely his plan could succeed.

“For the future of Zenit?” Fei glanced at Grand and smiled. “Ok, then tell me about it. What is affecting the fate of the empire? The Royal Family and I didn’t notice it, and you guys have to bring it up?” Fei asked in a mocking tone.

The king already guessed their intention, and he didn’t hide his disdain for them.

Purple-robed Grant’s expression turned ugly, but he quickly adjusted his mind.

With a fake gentle and intimate smile, he earnestly said, “Mr. Martial Saint, you are super talented and have a great track record. You are the second most talented genius of Zenit, and the Chambord Kingdom became a powerful and independent force in Zenit. In this crisis where many masters such as D’Alessandro came, you achieved…”

“Stop right here; there is no need to mention all that. Go into the topic.” Fei waved his hand and yawned impatiently.

Grant froze for a second; he didn’t expect that Mr. Martial Saint completely ignored his own image and acted this recklessly.

After gritting his teeth, Grant shouted, “Since this is the case, Mr. Martial Saint, please pardon my rudeness. Now that the Chambord Kingdom has tens of thousands of elite soldiers, more than ten Moon-Class Elites, and you are a powerful master, the strength of Chambord far exceeds the allowance of an affiliated kingdom by law. With a more powerful subject and a weaker lord, the future of the empire will be very unstable. Mr. Martial Saint, you are loyal to Zenit, but who can be sure that the masters under your command will listen to the Royal Family of Zenit? Therefore, the 23 of us came here today to beg you to disassemble the Chambord Kingdom and ask the Moon-Class Elites to serve the Royal Family of Zenit directly. We know that this might offend you, but we are thinking of Zenit. By listening to our pleas, the trouble will be removed, and you will still be the Imperial Martial Saint of prestigious status. This is good for both Zenit and you.”

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    Fei literally stood next to Yassin and protected him during his rebirth and these nobles still think that their opinions matter haha

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