Chapter 884: Just Kill Them (Part One)

“How dare you?”


After listening to purple-robbed Grant, the masters of Martial Saint Mountain instantly shouted.

What this man had said was vicious, shameless, and dirty.

In the last few days, a lot of politicians who liked to spectate and gamble thought that they had understood Emperor Yassin’s mind, and they had been spreading the point of view where a powerful subject and a weaker lord would lead to chaos. They believed that the King of Chambord’s power surpassed what was allowed by the laws of Zenit, planting a seed of division in the empire.

If the King of Chambord wanted to rebel, Zenit would be divided, and no one could stop him.

These people had been talking to others about this, and they attacked the Chambord Kingdom with their words. They said that the King of Chambord attracted an enemy like D’Alessandro and almost destroyed the entire empire. Therefore, it was only responsible for the King of Chambord to disassemble the Chambord Kingdom and hand over the masters and troops, focusing on being the Imperial Martial Saint. To these people, this was the only way to prove the King of Chambord’s loyalty to the Zenit Empire.

If this were before, the King of Chambord was mighty, and no one in the empire could handle this man. Therefore, no one would trigger him.

However, it was different now. Emperor Yassin had become a demi-god, and he was able to suppress the King of Chambord greatly.

A lot of people with ill-intent saw this opportunity; they couldn’t hold back and jumped out. Perhaps they didn’t dare to battle head-on, but they were great at creating conspiracies.

Although they were weak, they wanted to provoke two great masters and create a conflict so that they could gain benefits.

Politicians were this crazy!

Even though some of them were as weak as ants, they dared to provoke two dragons when they are greedy enough.

In the history of Azeroth Continent, this played out many times. In most stories, these calculative and strategic ants had the last laugh.

“Sir, you are a talented genius! Please think for the empire and accept our plea!” Purple-robed Grant kneeled and acted heroic after the masters of Martial Saint Mountain shouted at him.

Under his lead, all the nobles behind him kneeled as well and shouted, trying to move the people who were watching and pressure Fei.

The faces of the eight masters of Martial Saint Mountain changed color.

It was clear that this scene was planned. In front of so many civilians of Zenit, these people blocked Mr. Martial Saint and tried to get Fei to destroy his own strength using the excuse of the future of Zenit. All of this was to get on the good side of the Royal Family so that they could have a brighter future and jump into the political sphere.

After all, many people believed that Emperor Yassin was thinking about this as well.

“However, since the King of Chambord has a lot of credit, Emperor Yassin can’t come out and say this. We are just helping His Majesty to voice his concern!” these people thought to themselves.

Since the beginning of time, the overlords were always cautious about their subordinates getting stronger.

If the Imperial Martial Saint rejected this recommendation in front of so many people, it would harm the reputation that he had built in the civilians’ minds. Perhaps, others would say that he indeed was trying to rebel.

“Sir, you are the most powerful warrior of Zenit and the most loyal subject of His Majesty. You will agree to this plea that only benefits Zenit, right? You won’t keep all the military forces, right?” Purple-robed Grant shouted and tried to add fuel to the fire.

“Yeah! Sir, if you don’t agree, we will kill ourselves in front of you!”

“For the future of Zenit! For peace! We are willing to sacrifice ourselves!”

Seeing this, the peers of purple-robed Grant shouted as well, trying to pressure Fei with their words. Some of them used their words artfully and blocked Fei’s possible ways of punishing them. They referred to themselves as loyal subjects of Zenit, and they were in the moral high ground. If Fei punished them, it would be indecent and disloyal.

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