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Hail the King Chapter 884.2

Chapter 884: Just Kill Them (Part Two)

The expressions of the masters of Martial Saint Mountain changed a lot.

However, they didn’t dare to voice their opinions or get rid of these people. Although they weren’t on a battlefield with weapons, it was more dangerous than that.

Public opinion was powerful! If this situation weren’t handled well, the reputation that Fei had among the civilians would be destroyed.

However, Fei didn’t have any reactions.

The king frowned as if he were thinking about something, and he listened to these people and didn’t interrupt them at all. After they were done, he glanced at their faces and landed his eyes on the purple-robed noble.

At this moment, Grant felt an enormous pressure on his entire body as if a mountain were thrown onto him.

Now, he realized how powerful this man was. With a move of his finger, he could kill everyone here more than 100 times.

“Tell me, who told you to come? How do you know that I’m going to walk past this place at this moment?” Fei asked with a slight frown.

He endured this long since he was thinking and trying to figure out who was behind all this and who was trying to use these people to say these words.

He just got summoned by Emperor Yassin, and these people blocked him on the way here.

“Could it be…” Fei suddenly thought of an unfortunate possibility.

He quickly shook his head and threw all his guesses to the back of his mind.

“No one is directing us! We are here for the future of Zenit! We… we have been waiting for Your Highness here every day…” Purple-robed Grant hesitated for a second and continued to act.

“The future of Zenit? The fate of the empire? You are saying this, but how can b*stards like you control the fate of Zenit? Humph! You are just a few weak flies, but you are acting all loyal and honorable. Shameless! How dare you calculate against me? You are like ants!”

Fei said with a cold expression and lightly pressed down his hand.

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Before purple-robed Grant could react to the situation, he was slammed into the ground like a nail with only his head exposed.

Fei’s granular control of his force was meticulous. Although Grant wasn’t injured, he realized his situation and became anxious. His head turned blank, and he couldn’t believe that the King of Chambord dared to attack them; this wasn’t something that they planned for.

Soon, he learned that he wasn’t injured at all, and this discovery made him have a misunderstanding. Therefore, he became bold.

After a moment of pause, he screamed as if he were a pig that was being slaughtered, “Ah! Save me! Mr. Martial Saint, you can’t do this… You can kill me, but the citizens of Zenit will remember this! For the fate of Zenit, I still uphold my view, and I’m willing to die for it! I’m a loyal subject… Emperor Yassin, Grant is your most loyal servant. I’m willing to die for you…”

The nobles behind Grant all started to shout after a moment of panic.

“Mr. Martial Saint, you disappoint us…”

“Mr. Martial Saint, are you trying to betray the Royal Family?”

“Humph! You aren’t willing to surrender the power of Chambord! You are up to no good!”

Fei heard them but didn’t even glance at them anymore. He walked past them and moved toward the Royal Palace.

A few of the nobles looked at each other and tried to hold onto Fei’s legs, but they couldn’t get within one meter of the king, and they were knocked away by an invisible energy sphere.

Fei was a Sun-Class Lord. If he weren’t willing to, no one above Sun-Class could get close to him.

The shouts and provocations of the nobles grew even louder and crazier.

Fei paused after walking forward for several steps, and he said while impatiently waving his hand, “Since this is the case, and they do want to die, just kill them!”

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