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Hail the King Chapter 885.1

Chapter 885: Very Close (Part One)

The noisy crowd instantly turned silent due to Fei’s sentence.

The 23 nobles who were kneeling on the ground and roaring righteously including Grant who was stuffed into the ground like a nail were shocked, and so were the eight masters of Martial Saint Mountain. They all stared at Fei and didn’t know what to do.

“Perhaps others would be troubled by your plan, but unfortunately, you chose the wrong target. How can two top-tier masters fall into traps designed by weak ants like you?” Fei said coldly with disdain.

How powerful was the King of Chambord?

After seeing the tragic situation of low-level military officers like Ribry, he dared to barge into St. Petersburg, kill evil masters of [Iron Blood Legion] under the stare of tens of millions of people, and scold the Elder Prince. How crazy was that?

Therefore, it was impossible to trouble Fei today with the current setup. The people in front of Fei were only weapons that were used by others. Even though Grant looked intelligent, he was only witty and not wise.

“Kill them all. Such despicable excuses; such fake faces. These people will bring trouble to the empire in the future anyway,” Fei said to the masters of Martial Saint Mountain and left.

Tink! Tink! Tink! Tink!

The masters of Martial Saint Mountain clearly understood Fei’s intent now, and they drew out their weapons. Their swords instantly reflected chilly light when they were unsheathed.

Purple-robed Grant and the other nobles who came with him were terrified; they couldn’t believe that the Imperial Martial Saint didn’t care about his own image and dared to execute ‘loyal subjects’ of Zenit in public! This outcome was completely out of their expectations, even though they had planned for a lot of scenarios.

“King of Chambord, are you trying to commit treason? How dare you try to kill the loyal officials of the empire?” Grant got anxious. Even though he was smart, he got worried and scared. Therefore, he instantly put a big label on Fei, trying to deter the king a little.

However, that white-robed figure completely ignored him and left without even reacting to him.

What surprised Grant even more was that the citizens of Zenit who had surrounded them didn’t react the way that he expected, which was pointing their fingers and accusing the King of Chambord before protecting them, the ‘loyal officials’.

Instead, these residents of St. Petersburg pointed at the nobles and chattered.

“Who are these people? How dare they try to conspire against Mr. Martial Saint?”

“These b*stards! These dirty nobles! When it is time for battle, no one can see them. After the storm is over, they all jumped out and started acting all righteous, saying that they are thinking for the empire. Yuck! These despicable losers! They are shameless!”

“Yeah! Mr. Martial Saint has battled enemies many times for Zenit and Emperor Yassin. When Mr. Martial Saint was fighting enemies, where were these b*stards? How come they still have face to accuse Mr. Martial Saint? They are all bad eggs!”

“Execute them all! Kill all these despicable criminals! All they can do is to instigate conflicts!”

When the nobles such as Grant heard the chatter of the civilians, they felt like they were inside a freezer.

Never in their dreams did they expect that the King of Chambord who was known as [Butcher] and [Executioner] among the nobles had such prestige and reputation in public. The nobles’ plan wasn’t effective at all! It was clear that they were on the wrong path to begin with.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

The sword energies flashed, and streaks of blood rushed into the air.

The masters of Martial Saint Mountain moved, and Grant’s head rolled on the ground first. His expression was vicious, and fear and regret could be seen in his eyes.

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