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Hail the King Chapter 886.1

Chapter 886: New Looks (Part One)

When Fei walked out of the Royal Palace, he had a weird expression on his face.

He couldn’t figure out why Emperor Yassin summoned him from the Martial Saint Mountain to the [Thriving Palace] right after this emperor became a demi-god.

“Just to look at me for a while?” Fei thought to himself.

He stayed in the [Striving Palace] for a little over ten minutes, and this legendary emperor stared at him for a while. Then, Emperor Yassin waved his hand and asked Fei to leave.

From the beginning to the end, the two of them didn’t say anything.

Even though Fei was intelligent, he didn’t know why Emperor Yassin was doing this.

After walking out of the Royal Palace, Fei didn’t linger around. He politely declined the invitations to parties from the high-level officials and nobles, and he directly returned to the Martial Saint Mountain with the eight masters.

-Inside a gloomy palace in a majestic and well-guarded noble estate in St. Petersburg-

“Huh? The King of Chambord actually executed Grant and his associates?

Sitting at the head of the table, a person who was enveloped in a cloud of purple, misty energy heard his subordinate’s report and fell into a moment of silence before murmuring to himself.

“The King of Chambord’s boldness sure surprises me. However, he killed nobles in public in front of the Royal Palace, yet the Royal Family didn’t give him any punishment… Eh? What kind of a secret is there? Yassin sure has trust in this little king. Hehe! However, today’s plan is only the first step. The taste of power can even turn father and son into mortal enemies. I want to see how much longer Yassin can still trust this little king, hehehehehe….”

When Fei got back to the Martial Saint Mountain with his eight guards, it wasn’t 12 at noon yet, and Fei used this time to teach Little Luffy more about combat techniques.

At noon, Golden Sun Knight Chris Sutton came to visit Fei. After all the prior incidents, Sutton was like Fei’s half-disciple. In the entire empire, Sutton was one of the very few people who could come and go from the Martial Saint Mountain freely.

This time, Sutton was here to ask Fei some questions about cultivation.

The king was very willing to help. Since he had [Demon King’s Sword], he mastered a lot of combat techniques from the Mythical Era. Sutton’s family background was prestigious, and he knew a lot about modern combat techniques. By talking with Sutton, Fei would be able to help himself and also get some cues and clues as to the future of his cultivation.

The two started talking at noon, and it was evening before they finished. Only then did Sutton leave in satisfaction.

In the night, Fei entered Diablo World to continue to kill monsters and level up. He wanted to pass Hell Mode as the Barbarian first and see if there would be any rewards. Except for that, he had to quickly level up all his other six characters which were, Paladin, Assassin, Sorceress, Necromancer, Druid, and Amazon. Then, he could see if Diablo World would change after all seven of his characters passed Hell Mode, giving him the chance to advance into the Demi-God Realm or higher.

During the night, Fei found the young Alchemist Anya who was imprisoned in the [Crystalline Passage] and also defeated Elder Nihlathak who betrayed the Barbarian Clan, completing both quests, [Prison of Ice] and [Betrayal of Harrogath].

According to the plot, the despicable traitor Nihlathak already gave the Relic of the Ancients to Baal, so Baal could enter the [Worldstone Chamber] by passing through the [Arreat Summit] without having to fight the three Ancient Ones.

Now, Fei had to get to the [Arreat Summit] and challenge the three Ancient Ones before entering the [Worldstone Chamber] and defeat Baal to stop it from staining the Worldstone. Then, Fei would have passed Normal Mode, Nightmare Mode, and Hell Mode as the Barbarian.

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  2. Didn’t The Princess call him over once and they just stayed silent the whole time just like this earlier in the novel.

  3. idk but it feels distinctly paternal.

    “Oh look at this son that I’ve made, such a strong, bold and mighty boy. I’m so proud! Unfortunately it’s not the time to let others know of this secret, so I shall just look my fill for 10 minutes. Yes, just 10 minutes. Totally not awkward.”

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