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Hail the King Chapter 887.1

Chapter 887: The King’s Return (Part One)

Fei smiled and didn’t respond to Little Luffy right away.

In reality, he already saw those two big things that were flying in the sky like two sharks swimming in the ocean; they were the Xuan’ge of the Ormond Empire that Fei captured during the previous war with the Ten-Empire United Troops.

After being modified by Mad Scientists’ Laboratory and Chambord’s Arsenal, their looks completely changed. Under the sunshine, they had a metallic texture to them.

These two Xuan’ge had undergone major changes to both their appearances and internal setup.

Mad Scientists’ Laboratory was able to smelt a light metal that was extremely rare from the Ironwood that could only be found in the Ormond Empire. With all the seven Xuan’ge that Chambord obtained, the Ironwood in them was stripped and only smelted enough material to build two new Xuan’ge.

This new material had a faint silver color, and it looked no different from metal. It was even lighter than Ironwood, but it was harder and more durable. Also, it had one unique and critical advantage that Ironwood didn’t have; this new material was flame-retardant and couldn’t be burned.

Like a bug in the game, the Mad Scientists’ Laboratory could decode and decrypt almost anything, and the secrets of the complex Xuan’ge were completely exposed to Chambord.

With the help of [Demon King’s Wisdom], which recorded many blueprints of the flying ships in the Mythical Era, Chambord rebuilt the Xuan’ge with many upgrades.

Therefore, the two Xuan’ge that were flying above the sky of Chambord were ‘high-tech’ products that utilized Chambord’s ‘intellectual properties’. Without exaggeration, one of Chambord’s Xuan’ge could take on ten of Ormond’s Xuan’ge; they couldn’t be compared on an individual basis.

“Let’s go! I will take you to check out these two beasts.”

Fei was suddenly in the mood. He grabbed Little Luffy’s hand and dashed toward the Xuan’ge that was flying like a dash of light. In a flash, they were close to a Xuan’ge, which was about 1,000 meters above the ground.

Just when Fei was about to land on the deck, strings of dense and ancient faint-golden runes flew out of the Xuan’ge as if something were activated. These runes were engulfed in golden mist, and they enveloped the entire Xuan’ge, forming a large oval energy sphere and blocking Fei outside.

With Fei’s strength that was close to peak Burning Sun Realm, he pressed onto the golden oval energy sphere casually, but he only dented it for about half a meter; he couldn’t break it right away.

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“Damn it! Who is it? Who dares to attack my [Black Pearl]? You will get your d*ck cut off!”

A feminine shout roared through the sky like thunder, and it was followed up by a series of loud sirens. Then, flashing red magic warning lights appeared, changing the color of the sky.

On the deck, a tough man with a red bandana, a headful of dreads, smokey eyes, brown leather shoes, and a double-hand saber on his waist was commanding soldiers wildly, and the soldiers moved a semi-automatic magic cannon toward his direction.

“They are reacting pretty fast. It seems like their training paid off.”

Fei was satisfied with the performance of Sparrow and the soldiers on the Xuan’ge. Using the space-traveling ability of the [Throne of Chaos], he passed through the faint-golden energy sphere and appeared on the deck.

“What? They got in…” Captain Sparrow was quite surprised on the deck.

All of this happened in a flash, and this former ship slave leader didn’t expect that someone could get through the energy sphere created by semi-god-tier runes. He instantly knew that this person was a powerful figure, and he ordered the soldiers to quickly retreat. The soldiers on the Xuan’ge were all elites out of elites of Chambord, and they were the treasures of the kingdom; Sparrow didn’t dare to treat the soldiers like members of a suicide squad.

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