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Hail the King Chapter 888.1

Chapter 888: Completely Passing Barbarian Mode (Part One)

Chambord City hosted a grand party, and the entire city fell into a crazy and excited state, celebrating the king’s return.

Right now, the Chambord Kingdom was no longer that poor and weak kingdom which had been struggling on the verge of death. Under the careful management of the new officials that Fei promoted, the wealth of the kingdom increased drastically. Right now, it was at the top of Zenit, and the Royal Family of Zenit might not be able to rival it.

In the beginning, the Chambord Kingdom had a meager population and farmland, so agriculture wasn’t the main industry. After Chambord recruited and tamed all the powerful demon beasts five to six kilometers into the forests and mountains behind the city, making them into a demon beast legion, these ferocious beasts were restricted and didn’t hurt people anymore. Finally, the abundant resources in the forests and mountains opened their arms to humans.

For the last year or so, many merchant caravans and mercenary groups stationed in Chambord City, and the adventurers ventured into the forests and mountains. They obtained many rare and precious herbs and plants, and they hunted many low-level demon beasts and obtained many demonic cores. As a result, it brought prosperity to Chambord and provided a lot of taxes. Gradually, Chambord City was becoming the commerce center of the northern region of Zenit.

Most of the people living in this ancient city were original citizens of the kingdom, and the rest were the wealthy and prestigious merchants, elite mercenaries, and envoys from other kingdoms and empires.

However, even these high-level people didn’t dare to slight and be arrogant in front of the citizens of Chambord. Right now, Chambordians truly experienced a transformation and flipped their situation; they were confident wherever they went.

The Law of the Twelves Tables were being executed to the teeth, and the Saint Seiyas instantly crushed the foreign nobles and warriors who bullied the citizens of Chambord. After that, no one dared to challenge Chambord’s laws again.

In this chaotic world, Chambord City was becoming a paradise that many people wanted to go to.

After the grand celebration, Fei returned to the city and stayed very low-key.

The envoys in the city heard that the king had returned, and they all wanted to meet him. Also, many prominent merchants and mercenary group leaders wanted to experience the presence of this legendary king and establish some friendships. However, they all failed in their attempts.

Fei was busy for the next four to five days. During the day, Fei had to take care of many administrative issues that had been stacking up for the last while, teach people like Inzagi, Luffy, and the other four orphans from Hot Spring Gate, and go to Mad Scientists’ Laboratory to be ‘tortured’ by Akara and Cain. During the night, except for spending time with the two beautiful queens and doing what they like to do, he had to use most of his time to stay in Diablo World to level up and get more powerful.

Since the king was already so busy, he had no time to deal with these trivial matters.

On the fourth day after Fei returned to Chambord, Fei and Valkyrie Elena got together and pushed the plot in Hell Mode of Diablo World to the last quest. After killing many powerful monsters, they got to the [Throne of Destruction].

The [Throne of Destruction] was a huge underground maze, and the dark-red air inside this place seemed like blood, filling every inch of the space.

In here, the laws were greatly suppressed, and the laws of nature and laws of power were completely different from the outside world. Demon Baal controlled this underground palace, and its enemies who entered this space would get their strengths greatly weakened. This was Baal’s home court, and the controller could increase its power by many folds.

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