Chapter 889: Complete Set of [Immortal King] (Part One)

Beside Baal’s giant, mountain-like corpse, a few green flames were burning and dancing, easily pulling on Fei’s heart.

This is the unique color for all the set items in Diablo World. When Fei got close, he was elated. Without needing to use [Identify Scrolls], Fei could tell that these were the two missing components of the [Immortal King] Item Set just by looking at them.

He instantly used two [Identify Scrolls] to reveal the properties and attributes of these two items.

As a light flashed by, the names and the properties of the items appeared in front of Fei, and his guesses were right.

They were both the missing components of [Immortal King] Item Set, and they were the helmet and the belt.

The belt was about 30 centimeters wide, and it was in a faint-silver color that was a little dreamy, looking a little different compared to the other components in terms of color. Also, this war belt that was named [Immortal King’s Detail] looked light, and it had semi-hollow patterns with several mysterious gems inlaid in it.

The helmet had a unique shape, and it looked like a godly bird that was about to take off. The wings on the helmet were about 40 centimeters long, and they were piercing into the sky at a 45-degree angle. Overall, it had a black-iron tone, which was in harmony with the other four components of the [Immortal King] Item Set except for the belt.

Without hesitation, Fei equipped the [Immortal King’s Detail – War Belt] and the [Immortal King’s Will – Avenger Guard].

Instantly, the [Immortal King] Item Set was completed, and it seemed like heaven detected it.

Streaks of lightning bolts and giant tornadoes appeared, and the howling wind and rumbling thunder resonated in the sky as if they were cheering for the completion of the [Immortal King] Item Set. This was the unique phenomenon in Diablo World that would only appear when an item set was completely gathered. The higher-level the item set, the grander the phenomenon.

Instantly, Fei felt like streaks of energy were created in the core of his body before dispersing throughout.

This was a unique sensation that could be felt in each of his cells. He clearly detected that his vitality was skyrocketing, and his body’s resistance to each of the magic elements was increasing.

Fei opened his eyes and looked through the helmet, and he felt like everything was much clearer. Even the natural elements could be seen, and they looked like the dust particles that were floating in the air.

“Is this the power of the [Immortal King] Item Set after it is completed?” Fei was thrilled.

Each component of the [Immortal King] Item Set had great properties. But when all six components were gathered, they offered bonus properties.

Fei paid close attention to them and observed.

[+20 to all Barbarian Skill Level]

[+3000 to Attack Rating]

[+1500 to Life]

[+500 to all Resistances]

[Magic Damage Taken Reduced by 100]

Although Fei was prepared, he was utterly stunned by what he saw. The bonus properties offered by these six items far exceeded Fei’s most optimistic estimates; these properties were more than ten times higher than the ones offered in the game in his previous life.

After seeing all this, Fei could barely contain his excitement.

With a thought, all six items in the [Immortal King] Item Set appeared on his body. The helmet, armor, gauntlets, boots, belt, and hammer were all items used by the great leader of Barbarians, Bul-Kathos, and they engulfed Fei.

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