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Hail the King Chapter 89

Chapter 89: Investing in Our Future

                Zola closely stared at Luciano as he solemnly shook his head as he said, “We aren’t sure whether Alexander is really the [God’s Loved Child], but it’s fact that he has the dual golden battle ring. That also means that if he’s willing to join the Holy Church, he will receive the love of those masters from the Ten Thousand Flow Summit, and by then, I’m afraid that even the people under Pope Sergiyeli’s crown will lower their position to meet him. And, as for low level priests and knights like us, the sorcerer’s stones and scrolls can be re-collected slowly over time, but the opportunity to become related to this kind of big figure will only come once in our lives.”

The bearded knight Luciano thought for a second, and then agreed.

“Then what do we do after?” He asked.

“Remember one thing; we must obey Alexander’s orders…” Zola’s eyes glimmered with light, similar to that of a gambler before he made an insane bet. “Although this is a gamble, we still have many advantages. If we are the first ones to take action, the moment we win, our future will take a giant leap, and it might even be possible for us to enter the Ten Thousand Flow Summit… Hehehe, on the contrary, if we lose the gamble, then our loss will just be some stones and scrolls. Hehe, such losses can just be ignored.”

“Then should we send someone to report this to Pope Sergiyeli?”

“Don’t!” Zola was shocked after hearing that and immediately said, “Old man, are you stupid? Quickly get rid of these kinds of ideas! Remember, after you are dismissed, you must seriously discipline those followers of yours. This information cannot be leaked out at all. If news of a [God’s Loved Child] appearing in Chambord spreads out, the benefits of being associated with such a person would diminish. Moreover, the moment the news leaks out, I’m afraid that this small city of Chambord will immediately become popular, with countless great figures scrambling to come here… In comparison to those great figures, you and I have no advantage and will not be able to continue to stay in Chambord’s church. If that happened, it would be a lot more difficult to maintain a relationship with Alexander.”

Luciano heard those words and was surprised, as he quickly nodded in agreement.

The combination of Zola and him was like a fox and a wolf – one had brains and the other had muscle. Often times, Zola helped him make decisions, and the facts had proven that Zola’s vision was always very unique, and he was also very vicious. He relied on Zola’s advice and received many promotions along the way and acquired numerous advantages.

In the church’s secret chamber, the two soon reached an agreement, and ultimately convinced themselves to believe in Fei’s identity as the [God’s Loved Child]. The two then began to guess Alexander’s preferences after becoming a normal person, preparing to continue fawning over him to further improve their relationship.


King’s Hall.

Fei put away the two metal boxes, summoned the prison official Oleg to his side and carefully ordered a few things, and then he opened a portal into the Diablo World.

At [Rogue Camp], Fei found the beautiful mercenary Elena.

“Can you tell me if there have been any discoveries in the underground cave’s [Lost City]?”

In the new tent built for the supreme leader’s temporary residence, Fei curiously checked out the facilities inside the camp while he asked.

“Yes sir. It’s hard to imagine, but in the mountains behind Chambord City, there’s actually a big lost city in the cave!” The moment Elena spoke of the cave, her face suddenly brightened up. “It’s a majestic building… I followed master Oleg into the cave and carefully examined every inch of every room and corridor. Every corner inside the cave is simply carved, so only a few clues were left behind. Because we only checked out a small portion of the building behind the door, I didn’t really find anything… However, I don’t know why, but the entire stone cave gave me a very strange and familiar feeling.”

“Strange feeling?”

“Yes master. It’s a very strange feeling; it gave off a familiar, yet unfamiliar feeling at the same time, as if I’ve seen this kind of cave somewhere, but when I thought of it carefully, I couldn’t remember a slightest clue.” Elena was a little ashamed and lowered her head, “I’m sorry sir. I couldn’t help you this time!”

Fei smiled and shook his head and said, “Elena, don’t blame yourself. The reason I told you to go visit for yourself was that I myself had the exact feeling, a familiar yet unfamiliar sixth sense… Well, it’s fine; we’ll drop the topic for now. There’s one more thing that I want you to check. What’s the difference between these two gems?”

Then, two bright rubies surging with the fire element appeared above Fei’s hands.

“My god, these… could these be two [fragmented elemental rubies]?”

Shock emerged on Elena’s face as she exclaimed aloud.

As if she was touching some peerless treasure, she carefully took the two gems and observed them. The young and beautiful face became exceedingly stunning under the ruby’s light, and the shocking expression carried a hint of confusion. [Fragmented elemental rubies] were very rare in the Rogue world, because once one obtained them, blacksmiths with superb craftsmanship would be able to create powerful magic equipment… This was still Elena’s first time seeing the legendary gem.

She tried to supress the excitement inside her heart as she carefully observed.

However, she could not find the slightest difference between the two gems. The smart Elena didn’t hurry to jump to conclusions because she knew that since Fei showed her the two stones to ask for her advice, it meant that there must be some particular reason. Therefore, this pretty mercenary observed the gems again while paying much more attention.

But in the end, Elena didn’t find anything.

She shook her head and handed the stones back to Fei. Her peerless beautiful face had a hint of frustration as she replied, “I’m sorry, Master Fei, in my opinion these two [Fragmented Rubies] have no difference. Whether comparing size or the elemental power stored within, there is almost no difference.”

Fei listened and nodded.

He placed the gems back into storage and didn’t say anything else.

But deep inside his heart, Fei couldn’t help but feel a burst of ecstasy.

This was because of the two rubies, one was picked out from that metal box of the sorcerer’s stones that Zola dedicated to him, and the other one was a drop from a boss in the Diablo world. Originally, when Fei first saw the sorcerer’s stone, he already felt that it was about the same as the gem in the Diablo World, but he wasn’t very sure at that moment. But now through Elena’s appraisal, Fei could be 100% certain that the sorcerer’s stone of Azeroth continent was the same type as the elemental gem in the Diablo world.

This discovery allowed Fei to come up with a new plan.

The gemstones in the metal box Zola contributed had at least three to four hundred, which represented a rare wealth. If he waited later to finish the series of quests at [Lut Gholein] and obtain the crafting chest [Horadric’s Cube], he would be able to use these fragmented gems to mass produce strong magic power [Perfect Gems], and inlaying them on some equipment could definitely greatly enhance the magic stat of that equipment.

Now that Fei’s doubts were substantially cleared, he prepared to go to [Lut Gholein] to level up.

“Elena, you should go first and prepare; get the armor and weapons ready. I will take you and leave the Rogue Continent to the eastern city [Lut Gholein] to take a look, hehe, and kill some high level demons on the way. Maybe we will have some surprise harvests,” Fei smiled and said.

“Desert Pearl [Lut Gholein]?”

Elena heard and rejoiced, not hiding the surprised look on her face at all. After all, she was just a young girl in her 20s. She was always living on the Rogue Continent–a barren place–since birth, and she had always looked forward to visiting the legendary magnificent city Desert Pearl [Lut Gholein]. The moment she heard that Fei was taking her to [Lut Gholein], she happily jumped up like a little girl and quickly went to prepare.

Fei saw this scene and was also infected by Elena’s excitement, and his heart suddenly became relaxed.

While Elena was preparing equipment and weapons, Fei found the white-bearded perverted old man Kane and was ready to ask him about the appraisal status of the silver face man’s equipment and the 4-star wood element sorcerer Evans’ storage ring.

However, from afar he had already seen that wretched man being in a state of mania, lost in appraising the equipment, drooling in front of the equipment and storage ring as he muttered to himself crazily. Seeing Fei’s arrival, he didn’t even raise his head and simply looked feverishly and said to himself, “This is really incredible! It’s a new kind of magic type, demon-injecting techniques… and it really works… Ahhhhh, what’s happening?”

Fei looked and knew that the old man had run into some difficulties. The appraisal work hadn’t paid off yet, and to avoid being caught by tons of questions, Fei turned around and left right away.

Fei found the beautiful big chested NPC blacksmith Qiaxi again at the Rogue Encampment’s northeast corner. In fact, now it was difficult for Fei to treat these people at Rogue Encampment as NPCs, because all of them had such realistic personalities and wisdom. After spending quite some time with them, Fei felt as if they were friends by his side.

After the big chested female blacksmith Charsi helped Fei retrieve the magical iron hammer, she had always been very passionate towards him. Under Charsi ’s look of excitement and disbelief, Fei took out a few [Fragmented Gems] from his storage space and handed it to her, as if he was from a rich family and was throwing away money. He said in a coquettish tone, “Hey Charsi

, I think these dozen gems can be helpful to you when forging magic equipment.”

“It’s actually… Oh my god, it’s actually the legendary elemental gems… But… But Master Fei, I still haven’t mastered the magical iron hammer’s power, and… my forging skill is still at a very low level. I might waste these precious elemental gems…”

“Haha, no problem. These gems are just for you to practice with.”

“What? Using the legendary element gems to… practice? I… I…” Charsi staggered, as she thought that she heard it wrong.

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