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Hail the King Chapter 890.1

Chapter 890: Before the Expedition (Part One)

This Worldstone of Hell Mode was similar to the Worldstones that Fei got from Normal Mode and Nightmare Mode in terms of shape, but its size was much larger. Its radius was more than half a meter, and the sky-blue energy and blood-red energy rolled and tumbled inside it. It should be in the sky-blue color, but the red, evil power of hell existed in it. Just as Fei expected, this Worldstone was also stained by evil.

Fei didn’t crush this Worldstone like what the Archangel had asked. Instead, he stored it in his storage ring.

The energy contained in the Hell Mode Worldstone was terrifying, far exceeding the energy level of the Worldstones from Normal Mode and Nightmare Mode. According to the records on Diablo Continent, the energy inside this Worldstone could recreate another world! It was almost limitless!

This Worldstone was a precious treasure without a doubt.

Fei wandered around the [Worldstone Chamber] and cleaned up again. After getting everything that was valuable, the familiar yet cold and mysterious voice sounded by his ears when he was about to exit the game.

“Congratulations, Adventurer. As a reward for passing the game as a Barbarian, you will receive the [Throne of Destruction] as a place that you can summon. All the laws of power inside the [Throne of Destruction] can be used by you to suppress your enemies.”

Fei was still busy in the following days.

There were about two months before the agreed date between Fei and Emperor Yassin; the king was going to lead an expedition to the Anji Empire. Before that journey, he stayed in Chambord and kept himself busy.

During the day, Fei would spend time with his two queens, teach the students and soldiers in Chambord’s Civil and Military University, and occasionally meet with high-level officials such as Head Minister Bast and Military Leader Brook to talk about the urgent matters and the future growth of the kingdom.

Except for these things, Fei would spend some time on the [Mythical Altar] inside the godly mountain in [Sky City], using the power of the altar to purify the Hell Mode Worldstone continuously.

This was also a process of injecting energy into [Sky Castle].

After receiving more energy, more of [Sky Castle]’s power was revealed. In the clear pond in front of the godly throne in the [Godly King Palace], one more golden lotus plant grew out. This golden lotus plant represented [Circulation], and the nine blooming golden lotus flowers on this plant controlled nine functions such as energy, air, plants, and water.

Fei invested some of his time into it and clearly understood how to use these functions.

After making the necessary adjustments, the power of [Sky Castle] was gradually showcased, becoming a firm city that about 50,000 people could live in.

This was great news to Fei.

After careful consideration and thinking back to the catastrophe that occurred when the Ormond Empire attacked the Chambord Kingdom last time, the king finally made the decision and was prepared to open [Sky Castle] to the citizens of Chambord.

After a series of detailed discussions, some high-level officials and original residents of Chambord gradually moved into [Sky Castle] after strict inspection and review. Without a doubt, only a fortress like [Sky Castle] could protect the ordinary people in this chaotic era.

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