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Hail the King Chapter 890.2

Chapter 890: Before the Expedition (Part Two)

For the warriors of Chambord, the natural elements were immense in [Sky Castle], and the laws of nature were more apparent here. Cultivating in [Sky Castle] for a day was equivalent to cultivating in the outside world for ten days. Therefore, moving the warriors of Chambord to [Sky Castle] would significantly increase the kingdom’s strength.

At night, after the two queens fell asleep, Fei entered Diablo World to kill monsters and level up, trying his best to increase his strength.

The events on the Azeroth Continent were happening at a fast pace, giving Fei a sense of urgency and danger; he didn’t dare to relax at all.

Time passed by quickly, and Chambord entered a stage of rapid and explosive growth.

In all this busyness, two months quickly passed by.

When Fei was in Diablo World, he tried to increase the level of his Paladin character crazily. With the leveling-up experience of his Barbarian character and the high strength of his Paladin character, Fei pushed his Paladin character to Hell Mode level 100 after 60 days, passing Diablo World as a Paladin. This was almost unimaginable.

It was clear that this was a quick run.

Since his objectives were leveling-up and passing the game, he didn’t pay much attention to the details like how he did to his Barbarian character. He didn’t carefully understand the power of the Paladin and didn’t fully comprehend this class, and he didn’t find ancient combat techniques in [Demon King’s Sword] that could be merged with the skills of the Paladin to develop this class further.

Therefore, Fei’s Paladin character was equivalent to a peak Burning Sun Lord who mastered all the Paladin’s skills in Diablo World.

Creating a peak Burning Sun Lord in 60 days? If others learned about Fei’s growth speed, they would lose their minds.

It was worth mentioning that Fei’s luck was good, and he collected the [Griswold’s Legacy] Item Set which suited his Paladin character during this ‘quick run’.

This was a set of items that the great Paladin Griswold had used in battle before. In history, Griswold was a legendary Paladin who was exceptionally powerful and virtuous. His stories and honor were passed around the entire Diablo Continent.

Unfortunately, this mighty Paladin was killed by the evil power of a lord of hell, and his corpse was controlled by the evil energy and turned into an incarnation of evil. This story was sad and pitiful.

[Griswold’s Legacy] had four components, and they were a corona, a shield, armor, and a caduceus. It was heard that angels blessed each item in the set, and Griswold’s holy will and energy would instill power in the user of this item set. Although it wasn’t as famous as the [Immortal King] Item Set, it was a great item set for a Paladin.

With this item set, Fei could switch to Paladin Mode and potentially challenge a demi-god.

Except for that, Fei also got three more Worldstones that were from Normal Mode, Nightmare Mode, and Hell Mode; they were invaluable treasures.

Although they were all stained, the energy contained in them was enough to make gods go crazy. Therefore, the king carefully stored these three Worldstones for now.

The only thing that disappointed Fei was that the reward which he was anticipating didn’t appear after he passed Diablo World as the Paladin. He was hoping that he would get a clue as to what he could do to increase his strength after passing Diablo World, but the cold and mysterious voice didn’t say anything.

Less than a month was left until the date that Fei and Emperor Yassin had agreed upon. Before leading an expedition to the Anji Empire, Fei focused on Assassin Mode and started leveling-up his Assassin character.

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  1. Is he just leveling in his own or is his queen doing so with him

    • Saitama the barbarian godking

      Just imagin him saying “I’M THE POPE BITCH”

  2. Jay

    Urgh i don’t feel this part,
    I really feel like he should’ve leveled them even a little bit at the same time, but of course he needed power but now its just so rush its hard to appreciate his other characters growth

  3. zurric

    honestly, I think he should have at least gotten all of the characters to the end of normal mode to get whatever other crazy rewards there are for that, even if it were just improvements to the original 3, give, learn, and summon. Sure, it’s not an immediate increase in power but the benefits of them are huge. Learn alone is probably responsible for at least half his battle skills besides the raw power of the barbarian.

    • Pretty sure he did that ages ago, that was the lead in to the “sex reward” that made Fei and Elena get hot and heavy, plus a bunch of other stuff like upgrading his godly abilities.

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