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Hail the King Chapter 891.1

Chapter 891: Returning to the Capital (Part One)

While increasing his strength, Fei also issued orders and got Chambord to start to prepare for the expedition.

Before Emperor Kerimov of Anji died, he had revealed that a god protected the Anji Empire. Also, Fei made some shocking findings when he watched the battle between Emperor Kerimov of Anji and Emperor Yassin of Zenit. Those vague phantoms appeared from Emperor Kerimov of Anji’s body surprised Fei, so he had to go to Anji Empire and confirm some of his findings.

Since this expedition might unveil some confidential information that was critical for him, Fei wasn’t planning to bring the troops of Zenit; he was going to rely on the military of Chambord alone on this one.

Therefore, this expedition was the first time in the history of Chambord that the kingdom was having a large-scale military operation outside its parent empire, so it was emphasized and had top priority.

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After the king issued the order, all the officials of Chambord, either big or small, got to a level of busyness that they never experienced before, and Chambord moved rapidly and precisely like a well-oiled machine.

Also, the military started to actively select and sieve through soldiers. The army of Chambord now had 20,000 soldiers, and they were all elites who had been through extensive training. According to the order of the king, only the elites who were extremely loyal and were stronger than Three-Star could participate in this expedition.

This expedition wasn’t a military secret, so Fei didn’t keep it confidential and hide it from others.

Soon, all the forces and kingdoms in the Zenit Empire learned about this. The news spread around the region like tornadoes, and all the empires within 500,000 kilometers of Zenit got the information that the Zenit Empire was going to send a troop to the Anji Empire.

As a result, the atmosphere of the relatively peaceful Northern Region of Azeroth became tense, and many eyes that had different motives looked toward Chambord.

All the forces in the Northern Region of Azeroth paid close attention to the development of the situation.

It was evident that this would be a war that was going to affect the entire Northern Region. Even though the Zenit Empire’s military power and population weren’t on par with some of the super empires, its influence in the region was ranked No.1 after Emperor Yassin became a demi-god.

The Anji Empire rose in power quickly, and they believed in a military dictatorship; it could be said that all the citizens of Anji could turn into soldiers when necessary.

Although Emperor Kerimov of Anji died in battle, the strength of this empire couldn’t be ignored. If Emperor Yassin who was a demi-god didn’t move, the Anji Empire still had a fighting chance against a troop of Zenit.

In the grand scheme of things, this war was going to have an immeasurable influence on the political sphere and power dynamics in the Northern Region of Azeroth. With the chaos of Azeroth as the background, this war seemed crucial.

After 20 days, Fei’s Assassin character entered Nightmare Mode level 80, which was equivalent to low-tier Full Moon in the real world.

With the mysterious Assassin’s skills, the items created by the Mad Scientists’ Laboratory, and his understanding of the Sun-Class Realm, Fei was confident enough to battle a Sun-Class Lord as a low-tier Full Moon Assassin.

Except for that, he also got a few good items. He got two components of the [Natalya’s Odium] Item Set which was suitable for assassins, and these two items were [Natalya’s Mark – Scissors Suwayyah] and [Natalya’s Shadow – Loricated Mail]. They were now a part of Fei’s prized collection.

At the same time, the Mythical Altar had finally purified the Hell Mode Worldstone that Fei got from his Barbarian character after close to three months. Its size was reduced by more than half, and it was now a pure, sky-blue crystal that was radiating dreamy light.

This purified crystal was invaluable.

After thinking for a while, Fei decided to keep it in [Sky Castle] as the power source, so he placed it in the god-tier mechanism in the [Godly King Palace] on the central godly mountain, providing this great city with almost an unlimited amount of energy.

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  1. So he can get quite a few hell ranked world stones from different classes. Unlimited power.

    • Bbg55

      Though I haven’t played Diablo 2, nor have I fought Baal, I have played Median XL, and bosses do respawn, so he could potentially farm them using any character.

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