Chapter 892: Chambordians Are So Lucky! (Part One)

What Fei didn’t know was that all kinds of rumors about the King of Chambord losing influence were passed around St. Petersburg after he left.

Some people said that Emperor Yassin was displeased by the King of Chambord’s dominance, and that was why he only let the King of Chambord bring the soldiers of Chambord on this expedition, trying to use the power of Anji to weaken the strength of Chambord.

Some people said that Emperor Yassin was in such a long seclusion cultivation to carefully plan a conspiracy to wipe out the King of Chambord.

Some people said that the King of Chambord’s behavior of killing nobles had enraged the Royal Family, and the execution of the 23 nobles before the Royal Palace stepped over the line. Triggering the Royal Family could only distance Chambord from the power circle of Zenit and be destroyed in secret.

Others said that the Royal Family was envious over the Chambord Kingdom’s strength, and they were planning to gradually devour Chambord; that was the only reason why the Royal Family endured the King of Chambord this long.

Overall, various rumors were passed around at insane speed! In less than a day, almost every resident was talking about it in St. Petersburg.

It was clear that someone was behind all this, trying their best to instigate division and separation.

The chaos of the continent had finally affected the Zenit Empire. Even though Fei had been trying his best to take control over the chaos, and Emperor Yassin had become a demi-god and stationed at St. Petersburg, they couldn’t truly maintain the peacefulness and calmness over this land.

The undercurrents were surging under the calm surface.

After getting back to Chambord City, Fei took a day off and didn’t manage the administrative duties, oversee the military, or cultivate. Instead, he got on the dragon-like Blacky and went on a field trip to the limitless forests and mountains behind Chambord with the beautiful Angela and Elena. Behind them, the three dragons led the Demon Beast Legion of Chambord that comprised of 42 supreme king-level demon beasts and followed along.

Out of all the things that he got after coming to Azeroth Continent, Fei felt like being able to marry these two beautiful queens who were kind, passionate, and loving was his biggest achievement.

Since the very beginning, a sense of danger pressed down on the king, and he had to keep himself busy and run around, trying his best to make Chambord survive in this chaotic world. He didn’t have much time to relax, so he rarely had time to spend with his wives. Whenever he thought about that, he felt guilty and a little ashamed.

The patrol of the Demon Beast Legion above the limitless forest and mountains behind Chambord would occur once every other day. When Fei wasn’t here, Angela and Elena would do it as well to make sure that the area within 500 kilometers of Chambord was safe for the citizens of Chambord and foreign adventurers to venture into.

Right now, a pair of foreign adventurers in the forest below looked up at the sky, and it seemed like the sky and the sun were completely covered by the giant bodies of the demon beasts. As a result, they couldn’t help but discuss in envy.

“Wow! Look! Chambord’s Demon Beast Legion! Huh? The number of supreme king-level demon beasts that are on patrol increased a lot today. One, two, three… 41, 42… Wow! A total of 42 supreme king-level demon beasts! They are equivalent to 42 Moon-Class Elites! So powerful!”

“Today, there is probably an influential figure of Chambord patrolling with the demon beasts. Normally, there are only about five to six demon beasts on patrol.”

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