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Hail the King Chapter 892.2

Chapter 892: Chambordians Are So Lucky! (Part Two)

“Could it be that the King of Chambord is on patrol this time personally? Hahaha! The legendary King of Chambord returned to Chambord City three months ago.”

“While we are on this topic, Chambordians are so lucky! They got a great king, and he instantly changed their bad situation. In this chaotic world, human lives are as cheap as grass. Right now, the real chaos isn’t even here yet. When the power of evil engulfs the entire continent, Chambord City might be the only pure land in Zenit!”

“Yeah! I want to join Chambord and instantly become a resident. Hehe, but I’m not far off. With a little more contribution points, I will be able to send in the application to the Revenue Department!”

“Hahaha! We are close! After becoming residents of Chambord, we will be able to move our loved ones to Chambord City after we serve the military for three years. By then, they will be protected by King Alexander of Chambord as well, escaping wars and tragedies.

“Yeah, Brother! Let’s work harder and achieve our goals!”

-Three days later-

The 1,000 soldiers of Chambord went through the sacrificial ceremony and honored the flag, and they performed a lot of rituals before the expedition according to tradition. Then, amidst the cheers and blessings of the citizens of Chambord, they stepped onto the path of the expedition to the Anji Empire.

Riding on a handsome white horse, Fei who was in a simple and white royal robe drew out his sword which was hanging by his waist, and he raised it high as he issued the command.

Instantly, cheers got even louder.

To Chambordians, this expedition held historical meaning.

Ever since the establishment of the Chambord Kingdom, it was on the receiving end of beatings. In the past, enemies invaded Chambord, but Chambordians couldn’t launch counterattacks against enemies who were outside of the Zenit Empire. In this chaotic world that was ruled by the laws of the jungle, it was an indescribable shame.

Today, the Chambord Kingdom finally took the first step forward under the leadership of the great King of Chambord.

Chambordians were cheering for their king and seeing off their loved ones.

This wasn’t a sad scene. Every single Chambordian believed that under the command of King Alexander of Chambord who was invincible, this expedition troop would obtain the victory, even though the expedition troop was only made up of 1,000 soldiers, and their enemy was the Anji Empire that was a dominating force on the rise.

“Andrew, please go on the expedition with our king without worrying about home. It doesn’t matter if it is going to be one to two months or one to two years. I, Jenny, will always be your lover!”

This was the reminder that a girl had for her lover.

“Son, remember; always listen to our king’s command. It doesn’t matter how dangerous it is, even if you might die, you have to protect our king and make sure he is safe!”

This was the reminder that a father had for his son.

“Haha! Dad, don’t worry! I will return with honor! I will make you and the kingdom proud!”

“Jenny, relax! When I return, I will marry you right away! By then, you will be the wife of a general! Haha!”

The soldiers who were going on the expedition were fearless and full of confidence; they didn’t look like people who were walking onto a dangerous battlefield.

For one, they believed in their king. Also, they had confidence in their strength! They were the most elite soldiers of Chambord and Star-level Warriors!

In any other empire, they would at least be battalion commanders in legions. In Chambord, they were only ordinary soldiers. However, they liked it this way.

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