Chapter 893: Entering Enemy Territory (Part One)

Amidst the Chambordians’ passionate cheers, the expeditionary troop finally left on their journey.

All the Gold Saints appeared in the expeditionary troop, and they passed Zuli River using a teleportation array, appearing in the new city on the other side of the river.

The troop was moving really fast. In less than half an hour, the flags of the expeditionary troops had already disappeared below the green horizon that was created by the grass on the vast plain.

In the sky above Chambord City, the two queens sat on the back of Blacky and looked in the direction that the expeditionary troop had traveled. Flying beasts, beauties, white clouds, and blue sky created an outstanding image as a gentle breeze blew by.

At the same time, Brook and Bast stood in front of the watchtower on the defense wall, and mysterious smiles appeared on their faces.

“Now, the bugs that are hiding in the city should be moving soon, right?” Bast asked. He was wearing a faint-blue robe, and it was made by Chambord’s Royal Clothing Shop, accentuating this handsome old man’s fanciness and prestige.

As Chambord’s strength continued to climb, these officials who had been in their positions for a long time gradually obtained the auras of top-level decision makers. In the old days, Bast was only a fallen noble, and he had to run around and try his best to help his future son-in-law to keep the throne. As a result, he was always exhausted, and he didn’t have a high status in Chambord. Now, he was one of the few people in Chambord who were only one level below the king. Also, since he was now the father-in-law of the king, his status was even more prestigious. Few people in the Zenit Empire, let alone in Chambord, dared to offend this handsome and gentle old noble.

“His Majesty is intelligent and has planned for all scenarios. Now, we just have to execute the plan. However, while it will be easy to clean up these bugs, we must focus on the migration to [Sky Castle]. That can’t be done that easily.” Brook caressed the cold battlement on the defense wall before rubbing his temples.

The fast growth of Chambord pleasantly surprised these loyal and experienced officials, but the issues and duties that they had to handle also increased a lot in number and complexity. Therefore, they had to run around endlessly and with no breaks like a perfect spinning top. Fortunately, the king cared a lot about these old officials, and he gifted them many mystic potions. On top of eliminating fatigue, these potions improved their body compositions and extended their lifespan. Therefore, even though these officials were all busy, they didn’t regret anything and had a great deal of gratitude towards the king.

“Hahaha! What kind of honor will His Majesty bring back this time?” Brook thought to himself and was motivated.

He was a member of the military. Deep down in his heart, he wanted to expand the territory of Chambord and increase the kingdom’s influence. If he didn’t have to stay back and stabilize the kingdom, he would have gone with the king and battled with the enemies.

“Ah, we don’t need more honor and credit. I just hope that they can all come back safe and sound.” After all, Bast was a noble who liked literature, and he was more humanitarian and disliked war. To him, the current situation that Chambord was in was already good enough.

Despite the differences in their hopes for and vision of the kingdom, their friendship was solid.

This wasn’t the first time that they stood in front of the watchtower on the defense wall to see the king off. Every time they stood in this position, they had different emotions. The one that left the most profound mark in their minds was their first-time seeing Fei off when the latter led the troop to participate in the competition at St. Petersburg.

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