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Hail the King Chapter 893.2

Chapter 893: Entering Enemy Territory (Part Two)

The expeditionary troop of Chambord traveled 500 kilometers a day on average. On the fifth day, they finally arrived at the southwest border of Zenit.

That night, the expeditionary troop camped in a valley that wasn’t far from the border.

As the sky got darker, more than a dozen phantom-like figures appeared on both sides of the valley, and they stared down at the campsite of Chambord that was well-lit with their black eyes.

The burly figure in the lead sneered.

“Humph! Do they want to conquer our Anji Empire with so few soldiers? The King of Chambord is a moron, right?” someone sneered and mocked.

“Hahaha! According to their traveling speed, the trap would be all set up when they are close to the border of our empire. It will be a trap set by a god! Hehehe! Just wait for these morons to jump into it!”

“They have a demi-god; so what? Do Zenitians really naively think that our Anji Empire has no one else after Emperor Kerimov died? Hahahaha! It will be too late when they realize! Hahaha! The entire Northern Region of Zenit will be ours!”

These black figures were all elite scouts of Anji. Ever since the first day that the expeditionary troop of Chambord went on the road, they had been monitoring it while passing all the information back to the Anji Empire as fast as they could.

“Stop speaking! Separate and continue to monitor! We can’t miss any actions that the Chambordians take,” that burly figure said in a low voice. Just as he was about to give more orders, his expression changed, and he shouted in surprise, “We need to run…”

Before he could finish speaking, several air-piercing noises created by arrows sounded in the night.

At the same time, more than a dozen streaks of chilly light dashed toward these scouts.

“Ah…” Screams echoed in the night, and blood spilled. Three scouts of Anji couldn’t dodge in time, and their hearts were instantly pierced. Then, the enormous momentum of the arrows pushed their bodies backward and nailed them onto the ground. Their limbs twitched, and it was clear that they couldn’t live anymore.

“We are discovered! Back off! Immediately retreat!” The leader of the scouts was angry and terrified. The calmness of the last five days made them lower their guard, and they didn’t expect that these Chambordians would discover them.

The leader of the scouts instantly issued orders to retreat.

Unfortunately for them, it was too late.

The warriors of Chambord who had powerful warrior energy flames engulfing them surrounded these scouts from all sides, blocking all possible escape paths. Also, Moon-Class Elites appeared in the sky and stayed there, and their powerful auras made these scouts feel desperate. Ordinary warriors couldn’t imagine the power of Moon-Class Elites. Fighting against them as Star-level Warriors was like smashing an egg on a giant rock. These elite scouts of Anji were only Star-level Warriors, and they couldn’t do anything.

The battle didn’t last that long.

That night, the scouts of Anji and the scouts of other forces who were following and monitoring the expeditionary troop of Chambord were taken out. At the same time, the expeditionary troop of Chambord disappeared under everyone’s nose.

When the various forces received the news, it was already the next day.

The Anji Empire reacted fast, and many teams of elite scouts were sent out. A lot of manpower and resources were spent on finding the whereabouts of this troop, but they got nothing back.

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The sky was clear, and the white clouds were beautiful; everything was calm.

Suddenly, two giant silver Xuan’ge dashed through the sky and disturbed this peacefulness, revealing their vicious bodies that looked like giant whales swimming in the ocean.

After a short pause, they sped up again. Their bodies instantly blurred, and they disappeared as if they traveled into the void.

The acceleration process only took a little over ten seconds, but the two Xuan’ge traveled more than 50 kilometers.

In less than a day, the two giant silver Xuan’ge were already close to the border of the Anji Empire miraculously.

Below the two Xuan’ge, it was the territory of a level 2 empire named Dietfurt that was connected to the Anji Empire.

The territory of the Anji Empire was less than 50 kilometers away.

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