Chapter 894: Sudden Change (Part One)

Standing at the bow of [Black Pearl], Fei looked down at the land below and was in deep thought.

The empires that paid attention to this upcoming war would never expect this. After this expeditionary troop of Chambord moved forward 500 kilometers per day on average for five days, it instantly traveled close to 70,000 kilometers and got incredibly close to the Anji Empire.

Also, those Gold Saints who came out of Chambord City with the expeditionary troop all quietly went back to the kingdom. A lot of people would think that the Chambord Kingdom put all its strength in this war and had low defensive capability right now. If these people dared to mess around, they would pay a hefty price.

On top of the Gold Saints, Chambord also had the massive Demon Beast Legion, Elena who was a Burning Sun Lord that wasn’t famous in the region, and the masters of the Black-Cloth Shrine such as Batistuta.

The Xuan’ge traveled fast, but there were always two oval, faint-silver energy spheres around the two barges. Standing on the deck, even ordinary people couldn’t sense the strong wind or feel any turbulence. Also, after the Mad Scientists’ Laboratory improved and upgraded the Xuan’ge, the energy spheres now could achieve a certain degree of stealth. Therefore, while the Xuan’ge were traveling tens of kilometers in the air, the people on the ground couldn’t detect anything.

The warriors of Chambord all looked at their king in admiration; it could be said that they worshipped their lord.

While riding on the Xuan’ge, traveling became very easy as all the usual hardships were eliminated.

The soldiers were ready to camp in the wilderness every night and travel to the Anji Empire slowly, so this came as a pleasant surprise. Travel, usually the most torturous part of expeditions, became enjoyable all thanks to their king.

After the Xuan’ge dashed forward once, the two barges moved forward slowly as they prepared for the next explosive jump.

Fei was about to turn around and go back to the command center, but a strange light appeared in his eyes as he suddenly detected something.

“Pass my order! Stop traveling and stay stationary in the sky until further instructions.”

The order was quickly passed down, and [Cyclops] that was following [Black Pearl] received the order as well and stopped. The soldiers guarded their positions and controlled the weapons on the Xuan’ge, waiting for Fei’s further instructions with their guard up.

Fei stood at the bow. The more he sensed, the more complicated his expression became.

“Alexander, what is going on? Why did we stop?” Akara and Cain walked out of the cabin curiously. Behind them were a little more than a dozen university students who qualified for going on this expedition.

“You guys probably sensed it too, right? It seems like something strange is happening,” Fei said with a complicated expression.

As soon as he finished speaking, Cain and Akara’s expressions changed as well; Fei’s words validated their guesses.

“Let’s go and check it out. I hope we are wrong,” Cain said with a serious expression; it was rare to see such an expression on him.

-The southern border of the Dietfurt Empire-

This place had a hilly terrain. Since it was summer, green could be seen everywhere. The trees were vibrant, and the grass was thriving. This was the best season of the year.

This town was very close to the border, and it was a place where the citizens of Dietfurt and Anji did a lot of trade. It should be very noisy and prosperous, but it was tranquil today for some reason. The crowds of mercenaries and adventurers could no longer be seen, and the farmers who should be working in the fields were also nowhere to be seen. As a breeze blew by, messy garbage got blown into the air.

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