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Hail the King Chapter 895.1

Chapter 895: Dark Power (Part One)

When they were about 50 meters away from the herds of zombies, those zombies seemed to detect something. As if they smelled the odor of living beings, they let out a series of deep, loud roars and moved toward the three, trying to surround them.

Right now, Fei was still in Barbarian Mode.

He raised his hand, and a gush of immense power tied down about a dozen zombies, restricting their movements. Then, the three got close and observed the zombies.

-After a while-

“If I’m not wrong, these zombies were all the residents of this town,” Cain sighed, “They were turned into zombies less than ten days ago, but they can’t be saved anymore. This town is done. All the residents had been corroded by the evil energy and got turned to undead creatures. I can’t sense any life energy in them; it wasn’t any ordinary undead magic spell that turned them into this. I’m sensing the dark aura that only belongs to Hell. It is too familiar! How come this magic exists in this world?”

In the end, Cain’s sigh turned into gasp; he was stunned.

Akara was frowning, and it seemed like her eyebrows were twisted and tied together. Suddenly, she reached out her finger, and a streak of white flames shot out, targeting a staggering zombie that was about 20 meters away.

As if it were severely injured, that zombie roared and fell to the ground.

That was the only offensive magic spell that Akara knew, and it was only effective against the undead creatures in Diablo World.

“That is right! They are dark undead creatures that should only exist in Diablo World. How come they appeared in this world?” After testing, Akara was sure of the situation as well.

Now, both Cain and Akara were shocked to their cores.

They all experienced the terrifying power of evil in Diablo World, and they knew how destructive it was.

The Diablo Continent was a bright and peaceful world on the rise, but it was shifted onto the path of destruction after the power of Hell invaded it. The undead magic spells in Diablo World created many undead creatures. Together with the demons and monsters, the entire continent fell in a short time.

This dark power was the nemesis of humans and all other lifeforms.

Like a poison without an antidote, this dark power was an unstoppable nightmare, representing utter destruction. Once it appeared, a world was about to end.

“How did this evil power suddenly appear in this bright and lively world? Is this continent going to walk on the same path as Diablo World?” Akara and Cain thought to themselves.

People would only know what to treasure after losing it.

As people who witnessed the tragedy that overtook the Diablo Continent and the prosperity of Azeroth Continent, they didn’t want to see what happened to Diablo World repeat here. In their minds, this was like a second home to them.

Fei also frowned as he continued to observe carefully.

He could see that the zombies wandering around further away were still wearing clothes and armor as they did when they were still humans, but their flesh turned greenish-grey and started to rot.

The joints of these zombies weren’t flexible as if they were made of rusted metal, and their expressions were dull and stiff.

Some of their eyes already fell out of their eye sockets, and they were dragged by thin strands of flesh and hanging beside their noses. Their nails overgrew and looked like sharp knives, reflecting the sunlight and appearing to have a metallic texture.

“They are identical to the weak undead monsters in Diablo World – Zombies. They look the same and have the same auras. Except for their clothes… This gives me a bad feeling.”

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