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Hail the King Chapter 895.2

Chapter 895: Dark Power (Part Two)

Fei had a good understanding of the undead magic on Azeroth Continent; it was different from the spell used to turn these people into zombies.

If the elements used by the undead magic on Azeroth Continent could still be recognized as one of the natural elements, then the evil and dark energy that appeared here wasn’t accepted and permitted by nature; it was extremely destructive and corrosive.

“Sh*t! If this energy spreads throughout the continent, what happened to Diablo World will occur on this land as well! Also, I’m sure that it won’t take that long! Perhaps this world will end in one to two years!” Cain woke up from the initial shock and said confidently.

“Let’s go into the center of this town. We can come to a conclusion later.” Fei realized the severity of this incident, but he didn’t want to draw any conclusions without more evidence.

He switched to Paladin Mode, and the holy aura spread out around him. The dozen or so zombies that were tied down by him earlier were turned into dust particles before they could do anything, and they were blown away like sand sculptures.

Right now, Fei’s Paladin character was at Hell Mode level 100. When facing these zombies that were equivalent to monsters at [Rogue Encampment] in Normal Mode, he could kill them with his vast aura alone without using skills.

The three of them wandered around the town and found that the situation was even worse than what they had imagined.

Not only did all the residents die, but the evil energy also corroded the animals.

Like the plague, the evil energy spread all over the town, and it was beyond terrifying. It seemed like almost nothing could counter this evil energy.

“Huh? There is a big one here?”

When they walked past the central square in the town, a giant, green zombie suddenly rushed out. Its skin already hardened to the degree that it was comparable to bone armor, and it was strong. Also, it was about three meters tall, and its fingernails were close to one meter long. Like ten godly weapons, they could easily cut through things.

This giant zombie had the strength of low-tier Two-Star, and it was three to four times the size of ordinary zombies. Also, as if it had some intelligence, more than a dozen regular zombies surrounded it like its guards.

“Damn it! Is this zombie Corpsefire?”

Fei was shocked.

This giant zombie resembled that small boss ‘Corpsefire’ in the [Den of Evil], the first quest at [Rogue Encampment].

“Is this a coincidence or something else?” Fei thought to himself.

Fei suddenly felt like he was thrown into a cloud of mist; nothing was as simple as it seemed.

It seemed like everything he was seeing was slowly merging with Diablo World, making him have an ominous feeling.

All the secrets that he couldn’t comprehend before were slowly revealing themselves.

“Holy Bolt!”

Fei raised his hand, and a mass of silver energy flew out.

It was the unique skill of the Paladin, and it was a natural counter to undead creatures.

That giant zombie instantly fell to the ground.

At the same time, Akara and Cain showed their hands, taking care of seven to eight ordinary zombies around them.

“Huh? What is going on?” Fei suddenly appeared surprised.

After he killed ‘Corpsefire’, he sensed that a streak of subtle and minuscule energy left the corpse of that zombie, giving him a familiar sensation.

Subconsciously, he raised his hand and tried to pull it in, and this streak of energy dashed over and disappeared into his hand naturally.

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  1. Romain Malengera

    Official member of the f5 sect. Finally!

  2. GoneWiththeWind

    With how the story is going about the Anji having a God, I think it would be a demon of hell from Diablo world. I might be wrong tho,

  3. LadyRedHood

    I think the Diablo World is what the Azeroth Continent will become if the lose the war of Choas or there is someone like Fei who has access to the Diablo world.

  4. Prince Edris Pizarro Bogabong

    Maybe this is because of the stone Fei kept

  5. Apellon

    Yea. There is a god of hell that leaked out or a diabloworld user , or something with the worldstones defying the natural things remeber tyrahel seems violent and pissed by fei stealing the stones… anyway just guesses .. this story is awesome, thanks for the chapters

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